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Of course what is small for one person is huge for another if they don't know how to take care of things at home

We have had some folks on this forum who have taken care of some very serious life threatening diseases at home without much help from a doctor.

People need accesss to information when even minor illness strikes and they need to be ready to take care of it. Thats why a few good books on alternative medicine on the shelf can be helpful as well as forums like these,, also a stock supply of those things that will get you over the hump is essential.

Most of the things that are huge just wont happen if you take care of yourself.

I don't have insurance right now and I keep my fingers crossed when we drive... not the best insurance Im sure.

But now a days even the big stuff that people want insurance for I still would not go to the doctor for. I can fix much of it on my own. I would feel comfortable tackling cardio vascular disease or MRSA, or a whole host of things that would scare most into the physicians office. Its just a matter of knowing what to do. The only thing I would miss perhaps is the ability to make a good diagnosis from a doctor, and of course even then you have to be very careful for they make wrong diagnosis frequently. The cost of most insurance will cover lab work. So I just pay for lab work out of pocket. If I need more like an MRI or sonogram, or catscan its time to think of Mexico.

Like with this vascular issue I had this past year, I spent a ton of money trying to find out what was wrong and never got an answer from the several doctors I went to and when I got into a vascular surgeons office he practically blew me off because they type of insurance I had would not cover the procedures that he did... I did not receive good pain control from them nor a diagnosis. Not even a guess and certainly no recommendations.

In Mexcio I got recommendations and good pain control with in 3 hours. I received a probable diagnosis based on the outcome of the recommendations. I was given supplements and a pain control medicine that worked. With sonogram, visits with 3 doctors, lab work, all came to $200. Their probable diagnosis I think is right. If I take the supplements, (now switched to my own version that provide similar action) I have no pain and the vascular issue is non-existant.

So if things get critical I head to Mexcio, with even air flight and lodging it is affordable and all is covered, not just what US insurance plans feel like taking the risk for or not... and I get a Mexican vacation to boot.

What do you keep on your self for an at home health emergency or illness?
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Originally Posted by Arrowwind09 View Post
What do you keep on your self for an at home health emergency or illness?
I'm starting a new thread for this topic. It's a good question Arrowwind!
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