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Default Birds & Bees

For women, men who look masculine and have strong features are considered attractive. But preferences change with the menstrual cycle, according to a University of Bristol study. During ovulation, when a woman is most fertile, she is attracted to masculine faces that would presumably be more virile. However, the rest of the time females are attracted to men who appear nurturing, sensitive and would make a good father. Mother Nature seems to think that the best strategy for women is to have a baby with someone irresistibly masculine, but to raise the child with the sensitive best friend.

Men�s preferences are a little more straightforward: women with small waists; shapely breasts and hips; and perfect hair, skin and nails are generally the most attractive. Men, however, are also affected by a woman�s cycle. A study by the University of New Mexico has found that lap dancers who are ovulating receive better tips, suggesting that they are more attractive to men.
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Thanks for the tip, Iggy. From now on, I'll ask the dancers if they're ovulating prior to the dance.
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