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Default I have a ton of health problems

I am a 15 year old boy. I am prety skinny. I have a ton of health problems and I would appreciate it if u guys could help me. Some background info first though:

I got a blood test and heart test done near the begining of last month and both tests turned out to be good. The doctors have said that I have panic attacks.

-although doctors say i have panic attacks i sometimes get symptoms throughout the day (sometmes almost all day)
- last week while sititng in my car I felt like i was gonna die, (If i remember correctly it was a weird feeling in my chest), i never called an ambulance though and i kinda just sat through it and i felt prety good after about an hour (although i started getting weird feeling again later in the day)
-headaches and head generally feeling weird sometimes
- sometimes feel weakness although i dont faint (i think could be due to panic attack disorder)
-some parts of face randomly moving (i guess twitching, happens mainly around mouth area or lower)
-twitching in general
-weird feeling in throat as if i'm swallowing something, and in general a weid feeling in thorat sometimes
- chest pain (mainly when i wake up int he mornings, gets prety bad)
-chest tightness
breathing problem
heart racing(especially when i walk from one area to another)
-heart having a weird feeling (kinda like the feeling when u get scared, this same feeling happens a bit underneath heart)
- some trouble breathing when i lay down
-sometimes feel as if breathing problem is connected to stomach
-stomach aches when i eat something and then walk around for a long time
-stomach aches in general sometimes
-sometimes feel like throwing up (barely happens though)
- weird itchy feeling in butt, sometimes blood on toilet paper, sometimes feels like pressure for poo all of a sudden comes but it doesnt come out but leaves a bit of watery substance on underwear
- doesnt happen anymore but about a few weeks ago wud wake up randomly at night, one it seemed like i was sniffing during sleep and wen i woke up, another time had a dream where i was on a bike or something and my stomach felt weird cauing me to not breathe propery and happened when i woke up for a few seconds
-i think i have ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder), is it anything serious?
- sometimes it feels like something of mine stops for like a second
- at times it feeling llike something stops in my body causing me to actually have to breahe (a bit forcefully), not breathing normally
- I feel weak when i get out of bed
-also i have asthma but barely reacts. can i die from having both panic attack disorder and asthma?
-also, i have a habit of pushing my chest out, I cant really describe how i do it but can that be cause of any problems?
-werid heartbeats sometimes

I've been very worried about all these problems, but I still go to school and am usually fine there for most of the time. My main question coming out of this is that will i be fine?
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I'm certainly not an expert here; but have similar experiences like those throughout my life.

I assume the doctor has ruled out hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, thyroid problem? Some of your symptoms may require a test from an endocrinologist. They take a few vials of blood for these tests. Could be worth it.

The blood on toilet tissue sounds like hemorrhoids. Even internal hemorrhoids can cause this. The blood will be bright (not dark) red.

A rush of testosterone can cause a temporary racing heart and some panic too. You are at an age where hormones can rage. Also weakened adrenals can cause this by overreacting with the release of epinephrine and cause the same fight or flight symptoms.

Really. With multiple symptoms seeming to relate to your endocrine system, and endocrinologist would be best. Then you would at least know what to do to help yourself. Self diagnosis is not easy. You could still follow the natural healing path. I think it would just be good to know what to fight.
- Jim
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Oh, please don't worry too much about the panic/anxiety related stuff. For me it really eased with age. I know how you feel and it really sucks! I learned how to tell if anxiety or a panic attack was coming on and talked myself out of it. I also did a lot of deep breathing and relaxation exercises.

Perhaps you can find a therapist to help. I did not use any medication to get over it. I still (36 years old) get anxious sometimes, but I find if I reassure myself that it is the anxiety and I'm not in fact dying than I tend to snap out of it.

I have some herbs in my garden that I make a tea from and it really helps. Some herbs are valarian, feaverfew, mint, camomile, catmint, and balm.

I hope that you will be feeling better soon.
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This is a tough age to have such problems because you really aren't old enough to make your own medical decisons. Your parents have to be in the middle of it.

If you choose to go to an endocrinologist I would beware.
They will end up wanting to give you drugs like prozac or paxil or one of a dozen they now have. On the other hand if you do have any real big endocrine (hormone) problem they can likely find it....like how is your thyroid working, your pituitary gland, testosterone levels, adrenals etc etc

If you have any determination in the matter you should seek out a Naturopathic Doctor with your lab work in hand. Hormones certainly do have something to do with this, but exactly what and how to manage it is the question. After watching people on antidepressants first hand for 20 years I strongly recommend that you stay away from them. They will ultimately screw you up worse than you already are.

The things that will help you will have to do with diet and supplements and mediatation and or homeopathy. Some of the symptoms you mention may be due to iodine deficiency, like heart palpitatons and i had that before supplementing with iodine and unfortunately not even all naturopaths know about that one but they are catching up to us her on the forum . You will not get such types of recommendations from a regular medical doctor. I have had no palpitations or anxiety since I started iodine, but you need to figure out if it is your problem. Just throwing supplements at this and that is not always the best choice. Iodien deficiency may or may not be the whole problem or it might be just part of the problem

If you are eating a typical standard American diet, this could be the basis for all that you are reporting and such a diet can really knock anyone off balance.

There is always a chance you could out grow it but I really hate to see you have to wait for that! Your symptoms are extreme and do need attention.

If your family is open and into alternative health I recommend that you take this list that you made for us and find a CLASSICAL Homeopath. This is a very specific type of homeopath. I can help you find one if you choose to go that route. Just pm me with the city you live it. They are not cheap but they are very good with conditions like you are telling us. Only a very few of them take insurance. They can restore balance to much of what you have but this is not to discount or bypass sensible diet and proper supplementation with vitamins etc

In this order see a Classical Homeopath
see a Naturopath
work on your diet
see an endocrinologist but be prepared NOT to do what he says.
This is for diagnostic purposes only to have the results that the naturopath can work with, but a really good naturopath can order the same tests, just if you have insurance those tests will likely cost next to nothing though an endocrinologists office.

If you can do any of this come back to us and let us know what you found out and what a naturopath recommends or what remedy the Homeopath gave you.

To find out if you are iodine deficient get some regular iodine from a drug store, (but this is NOT the type you want to take orally) You might already have some at home. Paint a patch on your lower abdomen about 2 inches square then watch it. Plan on not showering for up to three days. Notice how long it takes to disappear. If its gone in 8 hours or less you have a severe iodine deficiency issue. If it is gone in 24 hours you still have and iodine issue but not quite as severe....careful, it can stain your clothes when wet. If you need iodine come back and talk to us about it cause there is a learning curve on its use.
"The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, - receptive to Truth and Love" Mary Baker Eddy
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I feel for you.. ive experienced some similar symptoms this past year..

I would get a full check up.. hormones/blood test/physical etc..

But its possible that all of your symptoms could be caused by Anxiety.. For some reason this past year I started having panic attacks.. and I became scared of them, which just made them happen more and more.. and it got to the point .. very quickly where I didnt feel comfortable in almost any social situation.

But.. I went to see a CBT therapist (cognitive behavior therapy) and thankfully after a few months of hard work .. I almost never have a panic attack anymore.. and am pretty much back to normal.. although I still have some breathing issues ..

There was a point too where it was like almost all day I felt on edge.. upset stomach.. diarrhea.. racing heart.. sweating.. cold fingers.. nausea.. occasional vomiting..

and it was ALL caused by anxiety.. ALL caused by my own thoughts.. the problem is.. you start to believe theres something seriously wrong with you.. there must be if your feeling all these terrible symptoms for no obvious reason.. I suggest you see a CBT therapist.. and see if it helps. You could also try some herbal anti anxiety stuff like valerian, skullcap, passionflower.. theanine.. etc.

but its still worth getting checked out by a few doctors to rule out any serious problem and put your mind at ease (hopefully) knowing that there is nothing wrong with you.

worth looking into.
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