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Default Hernia problems...........

Is there any natural way of reducing a hernia...or is it all about having surgery. Hubby is having a problem with one that is growing larger and if surgery is the only answer we will have to go down that road....just wondered if there was some way of shrinking them.
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There is no natural way to deal with a hernia except by pushing it back in. If it won't stay in or if it in general is getting worse surgery is the best answer and probably better sooner than later.

Make sure you prep well for a hospital stay. Lots of B vitamins before, Vitamin C. Take lots of colloidal silver before and after. Have some around to wash the wound with post op. Don't let any staff at the hospital touch it. Make them wash their hands when they come in the room no matter what. Have a good disinfectant hand wash for your husband too. Then get out of the hospital as fast as you can.
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Hernia is a structural problem. I'm not sure about hiatal hernia though.

2 years ago, I had a right inguinal hernia. Improper lifting while hot, tired, sweaty, and stupid. What happens is that the muscle tears. The intestine has an opportunity to punch through that tear/hole. This is dangerous; as the intestine can be strangled; resulting in an immediate emergency room visit.

The operation is simple and takes about 40 minutes. My hospital stay was about 3 hours. In the USA, the popular procedure is to cut the area by about 4 inches, insert a flexible web, sew it to the muscle (like patching your clothes), close the wound.

The pain is not fun at all for about 2 days. Getting in and out of bed took about 20 minutes each (I had no help around the house). It will help that your husband has you to help pull him up. The muscles, at my inguinal hernia site right above the leg joint, are used for very many things. Getting out of a chair was difficult too. Pain medication is essential unfortunately. There was no problem walking, sitting, standing. Just the maneuvering up and down from a relaxed position to an active one. It was only the transition time from relaxed to active that was extremely painful.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce hernia natural. Your husband needs to go for surgery if he want to get rid of it.
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Default Inguinal Hernia options

Hello Everybody,

There is a belt/harness that you can buy that could help. Here is a link to a website that explains what a hernia belt is.

Like everybody else has noted, I have never found a permanent natural solution for an inguinal hernia. If you wanted to really give it a good try, I would suggest regular (daily for a 2-3 months) usage of a comfrey leaf compress applied to the site. I would accompany that with ingestion of comfrey leaf tea. If you have an aversion to comfrey, you could also try marshmallow root, plantain leaves, and/or yarrow. If you do elect to try this method, use something to help drive the herbs deeper into the bodily tissue. Common options would include olive oil, jojoba oil, or cocoa butter. Application of warmth is also important for proper absorption.

In addition, you may want to look into taking therapeutic baths in comfrey leaf or another vulnerary (wound-healing) herb. This method can increase the absorption of the herbs into your bloodstream simply by the heating action of the hot water.

There are salves that are designed to stimulate healing below the skin surface. I have heard good things about Turtle Islands' salve called Shotgun Skin Dressing

I have never encountered a person who was able to permanently heal an inguinal hernia through natural means. I'm not saying it is impossible, just that it hasn't been done to the best of my knowledge. I have known people who have been able to use a hernia belt for a long term resolution of the discomfort. I reckon it would have a lot to do with the severity of the hernia.

Regardless, I wish you the best in resolution of this issue. I know it can be extremely uncomfortable and even debilitating. Research your options and do what feels right.
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