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Default TRUE STORY 1998

I was getting some gut cramps and I asked this Doctor in church and he told me to drink some tonic water. The quinine is great for cramps. Anyway, the next weekend I am in Baltimore visiting a friend and I said lets hit a pharmacy for a minute. I started looking for Q-Vel (over the counter quinine mixed with vitamin E for leg cramps). I did not see it so I asked the pharmacist and he got pissed. He said its now prescription only, they pulled it from over the counter. I asked why. he said do you want the real reason or the reason they say. I said both. He said the reason they say is it can cause heart problems, the REAL reason is quinine is great for cramps, as a mild muscle relaxant, a very mild sleeping pill and a host of other conditions and the drug companies do not want it over the counter, it screws with their profits.
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Angry 1998!

Duuuuuh! Who'd a guessed? Damn, nothing's sacred anymore! I had a
former neighbor who used to buy tonic water for that very reason. I
suggested to her to take magnesium capsules for her leg cramps and
she said no need to, she drank tonic water. She had run out of it a
few days before.
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I am big on mag also. I get a brand called ionic fizz. 4 yrs I was in zurich for 2 days and fixxy magnesium tablets were the rage there, the average swiss takes them like we take vitamin c
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