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Originally Posted by pinballdoctor View Post
I consider 140/90 to be normal, and 160/100 to be somewhat high, but your readings are much too high, even when the heart is between beats.

For supplements, I would suggest cayanne first, because it will improve circulation bigtime. Next, I would suggest Arginine, because it will promote nitric oxide, which will dilate arteries and improve blood flow. Next hawthorn, then lots of C with bioflavonoids, and fish oil along with lots of E in mixed form.

Also take some Co Q10 daily along with alpha-lipoic acid, and some antioxidants from fruit and berry extracts.

Make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium (from citrate) as well as having optimum D3 on a daily basis.

I would not be surprised to hear that you are 50 pounds overweight or more. If that is the case, exercise is crutial.

Having said all of the above, I would also suggest a four to seven day fast. That would bring all your numbers back down into the normal zone.

Not just blood pressure, but also blood sugar, homocysteine, C-reactive protein, as well as weight.

On a final note, if you are overweight and have difficulty losing, try taking Lugols iodine on a daily basis as well, and eliminate chlorine, which means no tap water. You will need plenty of good "pure" water to help flush out toxins..

I almost forgot to mention that chocolate helps drop high blood pressure better than anything the doctor can give you, and it doesn't have any nasty side effects. Of course I am referring to the dark chocolate and not milk chocolate... which is totally useless.

Beet juice is also known to help.
Here is a guy knows what he is talking about!! My blood pressure has been going down. it was 130/96 today!!
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Pinball Doctor recommended Arginine....This is what I use

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Protective effect of lycopene on serum cholesterol and blood pressure: Meta-analyses of intervention trials.
Lycopene seems to be helpful for lowering blood pressure.
Tomato puree is a very concentrated source of Lycopene.
If you daily have a tbspoon lycopene it will also, as well as reducing BP also improve your skins natural photoprotection so you will be less likely to get sunburnt. It takes about 12 weeks for the improvements in natural suncreen improvement to kick in so starting now by April you should notice a difference.
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Besides taking foods and supplements that will help normalize blood pressure, it is important to eliminate the things that cause it in the first place, such as animal protein, dairy, sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup) and any food that will break down into sugar quickly, such as white flour/bread, white pasta, white rice, etc., and anything deep fried.

As far as the arginine goes, it is best to use a time-released arginine. That way there is a constant amount of nitric oxide produced rather than a short burst that will dilate arteries for an hour or two.

Regular exercise is cheap, does a great deal of good, and has no bad side effects.
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115/76 today
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Default blood pressure

Originally Posted by WyoJim View Post
What an infomative post.

I should mention that I have an aortic anurisim which was discovered at a community screening.I sent a picture of it to my doctor who is 250 miles away and he said it is too small to do anything with at this time and to come up in to his office in the spring and he will measure its exact size by a CT scan.
Hi wyojim,
there are many methods to control blood pressure but one that seems to work on many levels is Ganoderma Lucidium this a well know body equaliser in the far east countries such as china,korea and japan. It is also known as Linzhi. or red reishi. The are many claims made for various herbs etc but this one is king. For a single fungus (mushroom ) it is used for many different reasons ie: Blood pressure , cholestorol, oxiginates the blood ,gives energy and is also used as a massive immune system booster . Gradual weight loss is also a plus when used on a continous basis.
The most potent way to take this is the spoor extract in capsule form.
try not to buy it in plastic bag form as most Ganoderma is not cretified organic. The Organo Gold brand is chinese grown and government certified 100 % organic and of high concentration.
You can also have it in the form of healthy coffee . I used to take many different supplements but have replaced them with ganoderma and I find it great. google ganoderma + blood pressure and see howw many studies etc show up. I wish you good luck and a speedy return to normal blood levels.
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It bothers me that people treat symptoms with various boogiewoogie quick-fixes instead of tending to the heart of the matter through exercise and weight loss, but whatever. Pass the supplements!!

Over at PAH, Ganogirl is your gal for 'healthy coffee & tea' info as she is a distributor. I have ordered though her US branch & she's legit. This isn't a sales pitch as PAH is a nonprofit site & I will not get any commission or kickbacks from mentioning this. She's a health conscience person who believed it the health benefits of the product so much, she became a distributor.
You can ask her questions without feeling obligated to order.

Her forum at PAH;

Good article;
The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease
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