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Default Suzanne Somer's Books - Agless & Breakthrough

So much to read and so little time! I wish I had gotten around to reading Suzanne Somer's books Agless and Breakthrough much, much earlier. So I'm saying, if you haven't read it yet and it's on that perpetual list that you never seem to get around to its time to move it to the top. The good news is that its available in many libraries or used on Amazon, so don't delay
Agless and Breakthrough are all about hormones and supplements. I have written some about supplements here on my blog but hormones are a more indepth issue and aside from thryoid and iodine supplementation I have been avoiding it. If you are in your thirties it is not too early to read and consider on this topic. And if you are in your 60's, 70's or 80's it is not too late to supplement with bio-identical hormones, in fact it may be more important for you than anyone else to sustaining health and staying fit in the later years.

I have been taking bio-identical hormones for 5 years now and I am so ever grateful that I made the decision to do it. At 54 I had entered the peri-menapause years with some pretty distressful symptoms. It all ended the day I took my first hormone supplement as prescribed for me by my medical doctor who practices alternative medicine.

Now, I'm not talking prempro her or some of the other notedly dangerous hormone pills that conventional physicians prescribe. The verdict on those pills has not been good and I would recommend them to no one. But with bio-identical hormones you can be assured that what you are doing is safe. Suzanne Somers takes you through her personal journey, which does include breast cancer before she started hormones, and she reveals to you how important hormones are to maintaining health, vigor and youth well into your elder years. She is profoundly frank and revealing in her testimony and she will bring to you the opinons of leading physicians and researchers on the topic and ask them the questions that need answering.
Along with bio-identical hormonal supplementation, and not just for women, but for men, too, she will address the necessity of some very important nutritional supplements. You will be awakened to new possibilities. Personally I was delighted to find that all that I am currently doing is on her list to support health. It was clear to me that my own personal research brought me to the exact same conclusion that she has so eloquently outlined for you in these revealing books. She does also have some very important commentary on cancer and its treatment and I cannot stress enough that these issues must be dealt with before cancer strikes you or your family so you will know the options as the conventional doctors are telling you that you have few.

Remember, Suzanne is an individual who has survived breast cancer and actually made her life much better healthwise through her ordeal and the learning that it brought her. You do have options and it is necessary to be aware before it happens to you! Let Suzanne Somers start the journey for you and you will come to find that she has set you on the right path.

I highly recommend her book. Don't delay. It can and will change your life if you choose to read, listen, learn and try.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius
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I like Suzanne Somers.

I liked her in "three's company" as she played the part of a dumb blonde, and she did it well... very funny.

She left the show, and was replaced by another good actress, however, the show was not the same... like the magic was gone. (sort of like two and a half men after Charlie Sheen was replaced)

Suzanne has come a long way since she started writing books. I have her "Knockout" book, and she really did a good job with it. For those who don't know, it is about doctors who are curing cancer and how to prevent it in the first place.

The book was very well done, and I'm sure Suzanne took alot of heat from the mainstream medical community over it, so she has my respect.
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