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Default Depression and inflammation: Examining the link

Depression and inflammation: Examining the link

Bear in mind when you read this that our natural anti inflammatory reserves are generally lower than would have been the case for previous generations.

25(OH)D levels in peoples living as human DNA evolved are naturally around 50ng/ml at which level Vitamin D3 is most effective as an anti inflammatory agent.

Modern industrially grown/produced foods tend to be more pro inflammatory (more omega 6) and have lower levels of magnesium and omega 3 than previously.

The ultrafine milling of modern grains means foods made with them provide the ideal biofilm substrate promoting the growth of pro-inflammatory microbiota thus creating acidosis and inflammation.

Modern lifestyles also involve the use of light at night thus depleting the availability of the anti inflammatory melatonin.

Fortunately it's not all doom and gloom as it relatively cheap and easy to restore Vit D3, omega 3, magnesium and melatonin levels with supplements and lifestyle changes.

While I accept the term PREDISPOSED individual used in the image above is accurate I would prefer a term like vulnerable as although genetics may be a part of the predisposition or vulnerability and loads the gun it's circumstances or environment or diet that pulls the trigger and sets of the chain reaction. Atmospheric pollution, shift work, stress all combine to become the stressors activating the proinflammatory pathways in populations where deficiencies in natural anti inflammatory reserves are typical.
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