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Cool Video Games Change Your Mental State?

For years now there have been papers, reports, accusations, and even court cases claiming that video games can severely impact your mental health.

I beg to differ. I mean, they are blaming video games for the increase in violence, and desensitization in the world.

I'm sorry, I have played video games all my life. I take great pride in hooking up the game system, locking and loading, and then blowing the crap out of everything that moves. I enjoy shooting up entire districts, blowing up cars, stealing, using the whores to raise health and then beating the crap out of them with a baseball bat to get my money back...

Now, how many crimes have I committed in my life? (I mean serious crimes, i think we're all guilty of small crimes like shoplifting, or cheating on taxes, or speeding etc). I have NEVER killed anyone, and I never will. (unless it's absolutely necessary in self defense).

And I really don't think video games affect our thinking/actions on that front. EVERYONE has urges to choke the crap out of that snot-nosed sales rep that isn't helping you, or the butthead that cut in line in front of you. But we don't smack them upside the head, or calmly leave and come back with a gun to shoot them through the head do we? NO. The majority of us don't.

So... Why blame video games? I mean... It makes no sense? Why not blame the news that reports all the violent crimes? And WHERE THE HECK are the parents at??? When it comes down to it, I don't think video games have a detrimental impact on your mental health. In fact, I think it can help relieve stress
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