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Default Washing genital area - male - genital warts...

Only clean the outside with soap, and then use only water under the foreskin with a gentle rub.
Never ever use soap under foreskin! (If you don't know who/what to believe, please let this be one thing to believe)
Soap will wash away natural oils and dries the skin, dry skin is prone to infections.
(You wouldn't wash your nostrils or tongue with a soap, would you?)

If you want to use something "stronger" than water to clean under foreskin (which is rarely necessary), just use a hand lotion and rinse. Another remedy worth to try is to urinate inside the foreskin before rinsing, urine is sterile and contains urea which is healthy for the skin. (keeps the skin moist and elastic, but remember to rinse well)

After washing, always pat the glans and inner foreskin with towel. (Don't rub it with a towel, sensitive tissue down there)


This answer looks pretty good...

The reason im googling this is because of HPV - genital warts i have, i have been using surgical scrub i think its called for the past 2-3 months, and i dont think its helping at all for the warts plus i dont think its so safe to use a chemical for so long in that area...so im checking trying to find the real information about how to wash there,genital warts god i hate them...

plus i used aldara one time recently and since then i have 2 red inflamed spots there on my foreskin but away from the genital warts,and i applied aldara only on the places my genital warts are,on the other hand im uncircumsised so whatever i apply to the foreskin,eventually goes on the glands too,and i cant stand exposed glands i mean i literally feel sick when my glands are exposed for longer than 15 seconds more or less...

so is the urine deal mentioned above true, sterile and good for the area??

Any comment appreciated, i know this is a sensitive issue the genital area and believe me i dont feel comfortable talking about it, but i can either do that Or sit here and guess, its not the time for guessing or taking risks i cannot afford that, so if anyone dont like that i post about this area im sorry,i have to do what i have to do...
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