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Default Genital warts

ok so i got them 6 months ago...i will try to keep it short

i went to a doctor,he gave me a cream,didnt work...

i went to another doctor,i got a cream and a washing liquid,didnt work...

then i got the warts burned off and i got another washing liquid and a liquid to put on and leave on...

the warts came back,all of them i think,now they slowly growing again...

im getting the aldara cream in 2 weeks and i will start using it,im in a dilemma should i burn the warts again or just wait and see how the cream will work...

basically burning the warts which are on my penis foreskin caused a slight phimosis,and burning them again would probably cause more phimosis (which i would fix with foreskin ''restoration'') but i WANT THE WARTS TO GO OFF IM SICK AND TIRED OF THEM...
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ok well as far as warts and hpv goes,im doing

no sugar
no alcohol
TRYING to cut down on smoking......
TRYING to sleep 8-9 hours a day,at night......
vitamin A - 10.000 IU from retinol 1 pill a day
vitamin E oil - occasionally
Vitamin C - im on 2000-4000mg daily
echinacea purpurea - maintenance so 1ml 3 times a day
spirulina - 2 capsules with meal
multivitamin - 1 pill a day

diet - consisting mostly of vegetables,although now bcuz of other problems im taking it very easy on fruits,soon enough it will be fruits and vegetables all day...

garlic and onion i try to have as much as tolerable
and generally all kinds of veggies,all kinds of colours

some excersise - some days its done as planned,some days less,some days none,and somedays i work (waiter) so walking is there,for hours
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These kinds of warts are very hard to get rid of.
Did I mention the homeopathic remedy thuja? this might do it. I have cured a number of cases of warts with this remedy

Another option might be to use vitamin c to bowel tolerance or learn how to make lipsomal vitamin c at home. Lipsomal c can take to to extremely high levels of circulating c in the blood. They say there is not a virus that vitamin c cannot cure if you can get your levels high enough. We have a thread going on now about vitamin c so read there.

Lipsomal c can take you to the highest levels of ciruculating vitamin c possible. Taking plain ascorbic acid to bowel tolerance can cure a lot of viral illness but I cannot say for sure if it will be enough. Bowel tolerance levels are not as high as what lipsomal c will do or IV injection of vitamin c.
Please be advised
I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
It may be the best chance that you have to heal yourself
of long term and chronic illness.
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