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Old 05-22-2006, 02:56 AM
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Default Root Canal Therapy Dilemma - Sorry, but its long.

Hi there,

I have 1 problem tooth, and the others have never had so much as a filling. The permanent crown was placed on tooth 27 at the end of January, now after much pain, dentist has diagnosed pulpitis and referred me to an endodontist, with an estimate of $1600AU. This is money I just do not have right now, so I approached dentist to discuss extraction. He was very heavily against it, citing over eruption of opposing tooth, and also what happens if anything happens to other teeth in the future and I have no molars (wisdom teeth taken out when I was 16).

I am on anti-inflammatories at the moment for an unrelated condition, and they have eliminated my tooth symptoms virtually overnight. I am on these meds virtually all the time anyway, so if I feel no pain from my tooth, can I assume no inflammation in the pulp at the current time? Can the RCT be put off for months or a year until finances permit, or will I cause bigger problems?

I am leaning towards not extracting, just because it is so permanent, but how bad an idea is it exactly, given that I am only 24?

Sorry for the long post,thanks to anyone who made it to the end and still has time to leave a reply!!!!!!
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Old 05-22-2006, 03:48 PM
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Default root canal

I, too, have one problem tooth. It has a root canal and crown. If I had had it extracted, the other teeth would have tipped over into its space, exposing their roots. A bridge would have required the teeth beside the gap to be ground down for crowns. They've never needed a filling.

Implants may be good, but I doubt they are as good as your own tooth. And you'd need to do something quickly after extraction before the other teeth tip over or overerupt.

If the pulp is infected, harmful bacteria are using the root as a fortess where your immune system can't get at them.
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Old 05-24-2006, 10:46 AM
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Default dental

One should evaluate the cost for three treatments.

a. root canal post and crown

b. extraction and bridge

c. extraction and implant

One might be surprised that the costs for all three treatments may be similar

a. So root canal and post and crown, tooth needs treatment and can be very successful, but you have concerns about longevity of the treatment

b. extraction and bridge, means that two healthy teeth must be treated and the abililty to floss and keep the area clean is more difficult and there is no guarantee that problems won't occur down the road with replacement of bridge needed.

c. extraction and implant, good success with implants, easier to maintain health between teeth, and success ration is very good when done properly.

[email protected]
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Old 05-24-2006, 11:33 AM
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Jerry posted on the other forum about this oil pulling therapy. I hope he wont get upset that I post this here.... I have been curious if this will help with the teeth problems... Might be worth a try......


And Jerry, if Im stepping on toes for posting this, Im sorry.... but felt it was a good read with good info
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Old 05-25-2006, 10:07 AM
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Default oil pulling

Most interesting

reminds me of when the medical profession didn't think acupuncture worked, and times change.

I didn't notice if controlled studies were done to validate this.

I also had a problem with don't swallow, but if you do swallow no problem, seems a contradiction in terms.
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Old 05-25-2006, 10:22 AM
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Well actually, I have been trying to do this...I had to start with a teaspoon of oil in order to get use to the idea of swishing it around. My first instinct was to automatically swallow it.... And while swishing, I have noticed that you do end up swallowing a bit of it here and there..... I dont think it will hurt you to swallow some of it, but to just swallow all of it after swishing would just be putting the toxins back into your body, wouldnt it? So I kind of think its one of those type of "it wont kill ya if you swallow, but its better for your health if you dont...... It makes my teeth actually feel cleaner for a longer period of time.... and I have a tooth with a really big cavity, and the oil makes it feel strange, almost like its doing extra work on it..... hope its killing infection, and not making it worse! Its been an interesting experiment, one that I plan on keeping up....
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Old 05-27-2006, 07:31 PM
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At the ozone seminar I went to a couple of weeks ago Dr Shallenberger said that he treated many cases and saved many teeth with the use of ozone from root canal surgery.

I would first inject procaine into the gum line above the tooth with the problem. Then he would inject several cc's of ozone gas. This site I provide below talkes about CURING cavities witht the use of ozone. There is a link to a forum where dentists discuss procedure etc. Pretty impressive. They state that after a cavity has ozone treatment the tooth will actually regrow in many instances. (which I imagine is limited by the extent of the distruction already present) Seems that there are some dentists here in the US offering this kind of dental care.

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Old 07-24-2009, 02:15 PM
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Default It's cooking oil and isn't harmful

Originally Posted by barry1817 View Post

I also had a problem with don't swallow, but if you do swallow no problem, seems a contradiction in terms.
The author had to write that so that people who swallowed wouldn't run screaming to the emergency room because they accidentally swallowed...what? cooking oil ?

By the by, oil pulling is amazing; I recommend anyone trying it. I've avoided, for 2 years now, $9700 worth of periodontal work with a daily pulling of organic sesame oil. I've been to 5 dentists in the last 2 years and the last one finally said what I wanted to hear: "Your teeth aren't that bad."
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Old 07-26-2009, 08:56 AM
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Just a note....I have 2 root canals and crowns that have been in place for 27 years......they are fine. Maybe I'm just lucky...but I have 7 in my mouth total and NEVER have had any issues..
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Old 06-04-2010, 08:50 AM
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Bacteria present in the mouth and saliva are effectively removed by oil pulling when you spit out the oil and saliva accumulated during the oil pulling process at the end of the oil pulling session. To swallow the bacteria, rather than spit it out to remove it from the body is simply counterproductive . . .
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Old 06-04-2010, 09:52 AM
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I know this is an old thread but I just want to say that root canals are probably the worst thing you can do to your body. Root canal'd teeth are dead and are a source of systemic illness to the rest of the body.
Do a search for root canal dangers and you will find many sites.
Dr. Meinig is/was an endodontist who pioneered the use of root canals many years ago and spent years teaching other dentists on the technique.
He is now dead set against it....
Read this Dr. Mercola report...

jERRY ֿ�
Doctors give drugs of which they know little,
into bodies, of which they know less,
for diseases of which they know nothing at all.
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Old 05-13-2013, 07:10 PM
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For the love of God, do NOT have a root canal. I had one several years ago and its hurts with regularity. My gums swell to the point that they feel like they're going to to rip open. There are times that I swear I'm having phantom pains -- my tooth will hurt just like it did when it had abscessed before I had the root canal. My other teeth near my root canal, at times, feel like they're swelling and throbbing, too. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone. I would rather have false teeth than to have this procedure performed again. Just letting you know how it went for me. Hope this helps.
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I think it's Dr. Robert Rowen who says to avoid root canals like the plague, that a very high percentage of people who get cancer have one or more root canal treatments in their past. I've lost quite a number of teeth (due to neglect) but haven't had any of my remaining teeth fall over! I have a temporary denture in the bottom front of my mouth that I wear only for aesthetic purposes occasionally.
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Old 05-23-2013, 09:26 AM
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I made an appt to see a holistic dentist. Couldn't wait. Three days before the appt I get a call that he passed away.

I agreed to see his partner. BIG MISTAKE. She was insane. Worked on an amalgam without any type of barrier. I had silver grit in my mouth for the next two days. She fills in with resin.

I called two days later to have the bite arranged. A bit better but the pain was intense. I called. She said to "come in. we may need to do a root canal." I told the person "no thanks" I don't need one. I'll find someone else to take care of me.

I used anti-inflammatory herbal tinctures, peroxide, and oil of oregano for what seemed like months. Could not chew on the right side w/o mind numbing pain.

Then, I poured the oregano oil directly onto the area and within days IT WENT AWAY.

No more pain. Been a year now, I believe. It is fine. Had to have the jaw worked on a bit by a chiro since I was only chewing on one side, some jaw pain had developed.

He took care of that within a couple of visits!! NO ROOT CANAL. Pull the thing.
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For what it's worth. A good and trusting dentist once told me I needed a root canal. Instead I started rinsing my mouth with three drops of activated MMS1 in a little water and bingo no more need for a root canal.
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