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Default How to Make Your Own Structured Water

From the Chet Day Newsletter
How to Make Your Own Structured Water

By Marnie

I need a lot of water for my medications. Five to eight
glasses is not sufficient, and I get dehydrated easily.

Well, I do what the Yakut people in Siberia do -- drink
melted ice!

The Yakut have been known to live on average longer than
most societies. They don't have a good diet and they never
get ill. The Yukats get ice and then melt it in the
sunshine to drink.

You can do this yourself by pouring water into a container
and freezing for 2-3 hours. Then take it out and break the
frozen surface. The water under the ice has the same
structure as the water in our cells.

Freezing changes the viscosity of the water and increases
intercellular communication, etc. I found out about this in
a book by Mikhail Tombak, which many people know about:
"Can we Live to 150 Years?"

I love structured water and what it does for me. I don't
expect to live to 100, but structured water certainly
improves my health and well being and I never get

There are top of the range hexagonal water and all manner
of devices you can buy to make structured water, but why do
what when you can use my approach for free?

I always go back to structured water because it makes me
feel better. It is my treat to myself. My friend who is a
physicist says it makes sense to her from a scientific
point of view and she does it too.

Try it. You'll never go back to drinking plain water again.
I haven't tried it. Sounds like BS.
For now we see through a glass, darkly.... 1st Corinthians 13:12
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yep.. sounds like bs to me, too.

plus, I hate ice water. I like my water room temp. so, I ain't trying this one.
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oh! Iggy! I love your music video signature:

Rhapsody in Blue - The 5 Browns

I love this piece. I remember going to the house of a good friend and her mother would play this (just practicing). I loved it!!! so beautiful!
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Thanks Marnie,

It sounds good to me.
I am out of ice so shall make some and compare.

Because it is so simple we tend to think it can't be
that good; ah..the human nature...
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