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Old 11-30-2011, 09:18 AM
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Bile is important for breaking down stones and cholesterol balls. Lecithin helps to promote bile.

Granules are best. Just make sure that they are not genetically modified source. Most reputable labels will work.

Is ox bile better? Well I feel that same about that as ingesting enzymes or hormones (glandulars). If the body finds external source for these, it will stop producing them. This is why I promote digestive bitters as much as I do. They gradually flush the liver, so the liver will produce the lecithin, bile, etc., and the body will be aided in producing its own enzymes.

- Jim
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Old 12-13-2011, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by kind2creatures View Post
...I've done a gallbladder cleanse myself years ago that involved EVOO, grapefruit juice and epsom salts. I passed around 150 'stones'. From what I've read online, there's some controversy as to whether they are really gallstones, or just a formation of the olive oil mixture.
I am not saying it's you making these claims, but it is bizarre for anyone to claim that all the stuff you discharge during a liver flush/gallbladder flush is magically manufactured in the small intestine in a short period of time.

I have done flushes. Every one was different in what came out. The later ones are the most interesting. My second last one I produced quite a few, maybe 20, angular "things" that were 1/2 - 3/4 inch, roughly, in size. They were grayish-white in colour. I cut them open and inside was dark-green, firm, waxy substance. The whitish husk of these "things" never broke down when the green waxy substance softened. If this is not a calcium compound, as stated on legitimate medical info sites, I would like to know what it is. If the green waxy substance was not bile (composed largely of cholesterol + other substances) maybe someone with more knowledge could advise me.

As for the soft, uncalcified stones, it's not for me to say what they really are or how they got there.

As for the 86 year old father, I can't see how he could possibly get the oil/lemon juice/grapefruit juice mixture down! Not unless he is really motivated, and he is not, so that's his own business. Andreas Moritz, who wrote the book on liver flushing, seems to think that anyone of any age can benefit from flushing, but you have to want to do this.
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I have a similar problem with my 81 year old grandma, who was totally obstinate but I am finally making progress with her. What opened her up was that I used trigger point therapy to treat her recurring back pain and it provided more relief to her than the crappy hand-held machine massager she constantly used.

There is this vegan, animal rights podcast I listen to called Animal Voices. Recently a guest gave very good advice on advocacy, in short his philosophy was don't tell, show. So start using low-glycemic foods and sugar alternatives yourself. I do this personally even though I am still in my late 20's. Instead of drinking coffee, I use these barley coffee imitations made by brands like Caffix or Teeccino, I also add in 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa(which helps regulate blood sugar) and sweeten it with an extract called NuNatural liquid Stevia(stevia is amazingly non glycemic and this brand does not have a bitter taste like other extracts). I constantly advocated to her to drink this instead of her coffee in the morning, but only yesterday she finally tried about 2 oz. of Caffix I made for myself. This morning she drank this instead her ritual cup of traditional coffee, which is horrible for your blood sugar among other problems from the many toxins and caffeine over-load.

You have to be an example yourself and get your father to try what you use and see he will not miss anything, but instead gain health. Also you may need some kind of hook or "in", because the older a person, the more stubborn and set in their ways they are. If I did not give a trigger point massage to help her back pain one day, she would have continued to ignore all the advice I advocated. But when she compared the relief she felt from trigger point compared the crappy electrical mechanical pulsating massager she wanted me to use on her back, she started to realize I knew what I was talking about.
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