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Default Worried SICK About Implant

I busted a molar in half 1.5 years ago. My dentist felt it was due to my teeth grinding/clenching in my sleep @ night...weakened the molar. He ordered me a mouth guard, extracted the tooth and recommended a dental implant (upper molar). We began the process immediately & it took most of last year. The crown was finally placed in late fall '05.

As I was going thru this process last year, my dentist also recommended that I get my gums scaled due to some minor inflammation of certain areas of my gum tissue. Ok. So we did that. I stepped up my oral hygiene. He made me promise to get professional cleanings every 3 months. Haven't gotten a bad "report card" after a cleaning in some time. In fact, the hygienst has said that my gum tissue is completely back to normal (as of the end of last year).

So, I faithfully brush 2x/day, floss 1x/day and rinse w/ Listerine for a full minute 2x/day.

Earlier this year, during a cleaning, the hygienist commented that the gum tissue behind the implant was slightly inflammed. She stated that it didn't appear to be an infection but rather some minor trauma to the gum area. She took some pics and noticed a small cut in the gum tissue. Her & another dentist (mine wasn't working that day) told me that it looked like I might have cut the gum tissue when I was flossing. They said I should keep an eye on it & I told them that I DID notice my gum tissue sometimes felt irritated since the crown went in whenever I wear my mouth guard at night. They advised me to stop using my mouth guard for a week or so to allow the gum tissue some time to heal. And that was that.

The gum tissue appeared to get better, so I started using my mouth guard again. However, a few weeks b4 my next appt for a cleaning (3 months since the last one), the gum tissue started to REALLY flare up again. I stepped up the rinsing w/ Listerine and really, really put effort into brushing for at least 3 minutes morning & night. Also added in brushing my teeth at work after lunch.

During this most recent cleaning, I had a different hygienst and she was more concerned about the gum area around the implant. She called the dentist in (once again, mine wasn't working that day) and he mentioned, very casually, the word "peri-implantitis" and recommended a follow up w/ my dentist. He also asked me about my oral hygiene routine. I assured him that I was keeping up w/ it. The hygienst mentioned that she found very little plaque & that I definitely was keeping my mouth clean. So, he mentioned that maybe I should switch toothbrushes (I was using a Sonicare). That an Oral B might get in there and clean things out better. Umm...ok. Tossed my $100 toothbrush and bought an Oral B one instead.

Had my follow up w/ my dentist. He took X-rays and noticed that the bone around the implant had degenerated some. And he was a bit concerned about that. He also mentioned that the gum tissue had formed a pocket around the implant and gave me the impression he wasn't exactly sure what was going on. He gave me a small bottle of a rinse he wanted me to use 2x/day and a precription for 7 days worth of antibiotics. I'm due to see him again this week.

The antibiotics didn't do a darn thing. The mouth wash he gave me was enough to get me thru 5 days. The gum tissue is inflammed. Bleeds occassionally when I brush. And, its very tender. Done some reading online and this issue does NOT seem good. There's no pus coming out (that I've been able to find). The implant seems to be solid...no movement if I try to wiggle it.

But I have to say that I'm literally worried sick about this. I've coughed up well over $8,000 in dental bills in the course of the last 12 months. I'm running out of cash here. Quickly. I'm not even sure how I'm going to be able to afford treatment for this infection issue if it winds up being an extensive process.

And I'm frustrated. How did I manage an infection? What am I doing wrong? As I stated, I brush 2x/day (I try to brush 3x if I can), I floss every single day, I rinse w/ Listerine for a full minute 2x/day (the recommendation on the bottle is 30 seconds). I even try to avoid chewing food on that side of my mouth at all costs.

From what I've read, the prognosis for peri-implantitis isn't very good. Does it commonly require removing the implant? Is there a possibility they'll have to cut gum tissue away? At this point, I wish I would've gone w/ a straight extraction and just lived w/ a gap in the back of my mouth.

What can I do and what are the options my dentist might discuss w/ me? I've had 2-3 dentist appts every 3 months. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this next one, as it seems like everytime I walk in his office, I'm in need of ANOTHER procedure! And the irony? I've never even had so much as a cavity...and I'm 34 years old!
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Default Re: Worried SICK About Implant

I would like to see what the prognosis is when you have a dental school, or an independent oral surgeon, or periodontist evaluate your situation.

It is the unfortunate nature of the beast that those that work on a patient are sometimes too close to the patient when a problem arises.

I am somewhat concerned that your dentist, you mentioned going back to the office twice with concerns, hasn't yet gotten back to you.

Just my 2 cents, but the peace of mind might be there with the independent review.

After that, it would be worth seeing what the options are.

[email protected]
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Default MMS for Gum Inflammation

My wife and I started using something called MMS for her cancer. It is also extremely effective for many other problems, including gums.

You can read more about MMS on another forum on this website. There are quite a few entries there about using MMS as a mouthwash and brushing with it.

I strongly believe that MMS will dramatically improve your gum issues!

Vancouver, WA
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I think you did what I did: brushed too hard, flossed too hard. This is what worked for me: black walnut tincture, applied with a Q-tip, 2x daily. Consider trying a mouthwash from a health food store that has myrrh and other essential oils. Brush baking soda (gently!, brush softly so you don't cause more abrasion into and between your teeth real good, then swish with a shot glass of apple cider vinegar. You will hear a POOF and your gum line will turn white temporarily; good way to sterilize your mouth. I do this at night before I put my nightguard in. Good luck, dear
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