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Default I�m back.

Hi it has been a couple weeks but I�m back. My stupid computer broke the day after Christmas and I just now got it fixed. At least I hope it is. It would appear that the way you fix old computers it the same way you fix most modern electronic equipment. You throw it out and buy something new. As this is cheaper then trying to actually repair it.

However this is not without is own problems. My old computer was running Windows NT the new one came with latest and greatest super doper Windows 7 operating system, unfortunately windows 7 would not operated my CAD programs nor open some of my old files. I guess you�re only supposed to use a computer to play games not try to do any real work, then compatibly with old files wouldn�t be a big problem. So now with a second new computer everything seems to be working.

In the meantime I tried using wife's computer but some couldn't always remember some of my passwords. So in the I spent a lot of time cleaning up the shop.
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I know how it goes. My Mac went down this past year. I took it in and the repair guy said 800 dollars... I said dam. Time for a new computer and told them I would be leaving mac due to their continued high cost and now my husband is retired I just cant do it so I walked out.

About a week later I got a call from the repair shop. They wanted me to bring it in to look at it again, thinking now that there may be something they could do so I said Ok. The computer wasn't dead, just couldn't play videos either from youtube or any cd I put it. It would overheat.

They found a way to fix it for under 300 dollars. I was stunned and grateful. Instead of replacing this whole board they originally wanted to replace they actually took it apart and repaired it. Hey! it is possible!

Maybe MAC will come down in price between now and the next plague.

Glad to have ya back mad scientist, but I just bet your glad the shop got cleaned up!
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Welcome back!

I would be in sorry shape if my laptop crashed. I really should back it up. I have collected a huge amount of information, that will be lost, when it crashes. And they all crash eventually.

Yeah, ever time I get good with one operating system, it is upgraded.

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Welcome back, MS.

I felt the same pain. My hard disk failed two months ago, I lost some important files. I'm still looking for better data recovery service to recover my data magically.

After this accident, I ordered a remote backup immediately for the server where this forum is hosted, 2nd disk backup doesn't make me feel safe enough.
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