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Default MMS and muscle cramps??

I'm on day 12 at 11 drops/day [2x] and have gotten up to 12 then backed off because of nausea. Lately, for the last few nights, I have been getting these horrible leg cramps, mostly at night and in my left leg calf and thai and sometimes in other areas when I turn or twist in an unusual or usual way. I have had them in the past, but never this severe. the weather is cooling off at night and that can usually affect my nocturnal cramps, but never this bad.

Just wondering if others out there on MMS have experienced the same?? and what to do about it??
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I didn't have this when I was doing such dosing. With leg cramps a good magnesium citrate or magnesium malate supplement is helpful. I use a powder stuff called calmag which is mostly magnesium and its stirred into water. I think I absorb it better than pills.
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Default magnesium for leg cramps

Thanks AW.....
My leg cramps could just be coincidental, but I found some 'triple magnesium complex' with Magnesium oxide 350mg, magnesium citrate40mg, magnesium asparate10mg = 400mg magnesium. will try that tonight after diner.

I used to drink an ORD [oral rehydration drink] with salt, citric acid, potassium, and it does help sometimes, but have read somewhere to avoid citric acid during MMS tx.
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