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Default Possible Negative results of D supplementation

Here it is. The other side of the coin.

Apparently the jury is still out on this. Increased asthma linked to D supplementation.

Marshall Protocol comes to mind here.


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Most of this study is on the effect of cod liver oil on asthma allergies and assumes that its the Vitamin D causing the problem.
It could well be the impurities in the CLO or high levels of Vitamin A causing the allergy. Sounds like an MP inspired study.

Clinical studies have shown that Vitamin D prevents asthma and low levels are associated with inreased cases of asthma.

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Oh Man, I just can't buy this one!

this study examines the health of a population from near the dawn of the industrial revolution of a people who live in large dirty cities, much dirtier than ours I would say. They spewed out heavy metals out of short stacks all day long which dumped everything right down on the people causing all kinds of infection and distress. In econmically distressed England in the cities I doubt very many people came to suppement with cod liver oil either.

Then they get into examining the diagnosis of allergy. Well let me tell you something, unless you had a red rash all over your body most doctors in the US could not diagnose a nasal allergy until the mid 90's and they couldn't diagnose a diet induced allergy either. I knew of several cases where parents were taken in for child abuse due to weight loss in their kids. The real cause was allergy to soy that the hosptial doctors insisted they feed them at home, but gave them something different int he hosptial. Allergy to glueten, milk and other protients has not been understood until the last 15 to 20 years and it hasn't one dam thing to do with vitamin d supplementation.

As they tried to establish the advancement of allergy disease they tried to associate it with increased levels of vitamin d. Yet, the biggest climb in allergy stats occured in the 70's....

Now how many vaccines were kids getting in the 70's?

and as the allergy issue continues to skyrocket, now many vaccines do kids in the 90's and 2000 get?

When I think of all the misdiagnosis I have had and all the antibiotics I have taken for what was really allergies I get so mad I could spit fire!

If you really want to get into trying to associate allergy with something I would propose that vaccination and allergy run a parrallel statistical increase. Better hypothisis that the one this guy tries to defend.
Give me a break, is this some pharma shill?

I bet the pharmaceutical industry is really not liking all the reports out on how Vitamin D3 prevents cancer and the like.....I just bet they are freaked.

By the way, since I have been mega dosing on vitamin d 3 I use less asthama medicine, not more.
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vitamin d

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