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Default Vitamin C and Skin Cancer

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, November 9, 2007

Topical Vitamin C Stops Basal Cell Carcinoma

(OMNS Nov 9 2007) The most common form of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, often responds to a remarkably simple, safe, at-home treatment: vitamin C.

Physicians and patients report that vitamin C, applied directly to basal cell skin cancers, causes them to scab over and drop off. [1] Successful use involves a highly-concentrated vitamin C solution, directly applied to the blemish two or three times a day.

Vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells, but does not harm healthy skin cells. This is also the basis for high-dose intravenous vitamin therapy for cancer. [2] Even higher concentrations of vitamin C can be obtained by direct application.

The use of topical vitamin C to kill basal cell carcinoma has been known at least since 1971. Frederick R. Klenner, MD, wrote: "We have removed several small basal cell epithelioma with a 30 percent ointment" of vitamin C. [3]

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