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Default Vitamin E to improve fertility

Does anyone know what is the recommended dosage of vitamin E to improve fertility? I have been reading some conflicting reports about Vitamin E. Some sources say that it is great for fertility but others say that if you overdose it can be very bad. My prenatal Vitamin has only 30 iu which is supposed to be 100% of DV, however some online sources say that it is not enough so I took a 400 iu vitamin E supplement for a month and started to bruise a lot which freaked me out so I stopped. Does anyone know what is a safe dose of vitamin E to take?
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I'm not sure how much Vitamin E can help female fertility, I know that it helps male fertility by protecting a male's sperm (since most of a male's sperm is composed of fat and Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant).

Are you sure the vitamin E is what caused the bruising? There could be a few factors behind the bruising. On my site I recommend taking at least 100mg (150IU) of Vitamin E and make sure its a natural Vitamin E supplement (in the d-alpha tocopherol or d-alpha tocopheryl form).

Check out https://www.antioxidantsdetective.com...tioxidant.html for more information.
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