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Default Holistic approach to dry eye/strain safe?

I purchaed two holistic eyedrops from the website, naturaleyecare (dot com) . One of them is for dry eye, the other for floaters, blephartis, optic neuritis, eye infections, computer eye strain, fuch's dystrophy, keratoconus. I have suffered from both dry eye and eye strain for as long as I can remember. I am a healthy 22 yo male, I eat well, am in good shape, and am well hydrated. I do, however, have hypoglycemia although I am not sure if that is relevant. I have tried traditional eyedrops to no avail and have used holistic approaches to my general health. I am a bit nervous to do so with my eyes because of the obvious necessity of them... Both drops do seem to be safe enough but I'm certainly no doctor. Below are the ingredients of both drops. Perhaps some folks here can evaluate the ingredients/claims or can comment on these or similar treatments if you are familar with them.


Product Name: Dry Eye Drop Homeopathic Formula for Men

active ingredients:
Euphrasia HPUS 5x: Also known as Eyebright, it is indicated for conjunctival and corneal edema. Symptoms include photophobia, redness, dryness, lachrymation and burning of the lid margin. Eyebright is often referred to as a tonic for the eyes.

Alumina HPUS 10x: Indicated for Dryness of the eyes and other mucous membranes. �Sjogrens.� Agglutination in the morning on waking, with burning upon opening eyes. Absent of subjective dry eye symptoms.

Arsenicum album HPUS 12x: Indicated for dryness with photophobia and burning(6). Also for inflammation and ulceration(5).

Nux moschata HPUS 6x: Nux m. is one of the main remedies indicated for the treatment of Sjogrens� Syndrome (7). Dryness associated with difficulty opening the lids (2).

Zincum metalicum HPUS 10x: Indicated for extreme dryness, irritation and burning with excessive tearing. Especially indicated for people whose eyes always seem to be affected by the environment(2).

Inactive ingredients: Sterile water, Sodium Chloride (salt for isotonicity to tears), Citrates (pH balancer), Polysorbate-80 (0.4% as a very light lubricant with preservative qualities).

Additional Ingredients Specifically for Men:

Sulphur HPUS 6x: Indicated for dryness with redness, burning and itching of the eyes and eye lid margins.
Nux Vomica HPUS 12x: Indicated for dryness of the eye with burning, watering and photophobia.

Basic claim: Rather than replace tears with lubricant eye drops, Natural Ophthalmics� treatment strategy for Dry Eye is to stimulate the eyes to respond with their natural capacity to moisturize. Homeopathy stimulates the healing process!

What is the differential advantage of these drops? Homeopathic eye drops have the advantage of relieving symptoms by addressing the underlying cause, rather than masking symptoms or artificially replacing fluids.

MSM Eyedrops 1 oz (30ml)

Ingredients are as follows: Oxygenated water, Saline, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) MSM, a natural occuring sulfur in the body.

Your skin is like a water balloon. The outer tissue normally allows fluids to flow through the membrane wall, which acts like a filter supplying nutrition and cleaning out particles keeping your epidermis clear so your veins are good. When the membranes become tough like leather, the fluids are trapped and the particles start to build up. If the build up continues it will seem as if you are looking through a frosted glass.

MSM Eyedrops soften the membranes, allowing fluids to pass through the outer layer of the tissues. When tissue membranes become permeable, nutrition is able to penetrate through the outer layer and provide the nutrients needed for the body to heal itself.*

MSM softens leathery tissue, equalizes pressures, repairs damaged membranes, clears up red spots and broken vessels, helps remove blemishes and other tissue particles.*

MSM Eyedrops provide the cellular nutrition necessary to make the outer tissues soft and permeable...
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Default Similasan

I use Similasan Dry Eye Relief drops. Homeopathic ingredients are Belladonna 6X, Euphrasia 6X, Mercurius Sublimatus 6X. Inactive ingredients are Borate Buffer, Purified Water, Silver Sulphate (preservative), and Sodium Nitrate.

I believe that supplements like Omega 3 Fish Oils, Flaxseed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, etc. would also help.
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