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...elusive dreamer
Apr 5, 2009
Thanks Ozzie, I still don't take any vaccines that I don't have to. My husband talked me into taking the Shingles vaccine a few years ago, luckily no bad side effects from it. Still don't take flu shots.


perpetual student
Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
Ozzie, good grief. I'm glad I'm no longer a child where in some US states they are required to have vaccines. The info, you provided, is modern. When I was a child, I had to move from the US continent to Hawaii. They made us take very many vaccines before moving there. Then 4 years later (1957 before Hawaii was an official State), we could not come back to the continental states until we had about 3 days of vaccines. And I remember during grammar school and part of high school, we had annual vaccines. I think they were flu shots. It's no wonder there are so many health problems among US residents. So many which are subtly linked to vaccine preservatives.