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Thumping noise in ear


New member
Sep 20, 2017
So this happens often in my right ear, I dont believe its ever happened in the left. Usually it happens while Im at work (hair styling). Today it happened when i was listening to music and it was like I could turn the thumping off and on. Basically I was laying down on a pillow on my right ear. I started playing music on my phone that had a beat and the thumping began at the pace of the beat and as the beat quickened so did the thumping. When I turned the music off my ear stopped thumping as well. I tested to see if the left ear does it, but it doesn't. Does anyone know what this is and if it's anything to be concerned about?


New member
Sep 13, 2017
All I can say is what my doctor told me, when I mentioned this happening. Apparently the thumping is wax bumping against the eardrum.

I'm not any good at self-treatment/ear maintenance, so I get my doctor to do a lavage.