The Best Ethical Soap Producer: Johnson's ®


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Sep 7, 2014
The Best Ethical Soap Producer:
Johnson's 4 surprises get from Johnson's Baby Soap proven by 730, 150g of a soap cost at HK$6 per unit (average retail price), contains 8 chemical ingredients only.

4 Addition functions are provided as followings:
A) To clean off underwear's yellow smudge stains around 5 to 8 mins
B) To wash off newspaper's ink stains on hands within 30s
C) To clean off tea stains on clothes within 5 mins
D) To clean off sweat stains on clothes/towels around 5 to 8 mins

Stains are removed after using a small brush, some soaps & water. WASH WITH SOAP => BRUSH=> RINSE => WASH WITH SOAP => BRUSH=> RINSE …until stains are removed successfully. To choose a stiff or soft brush to clean stains on clothes/towels depended on personal habits.

If the sweat stain is over 2 years or above, more serious stain remained on clothes/towels after using effective soap, you will need to use some of Colgate's toothpaste that contains 0.22 w/w (1000 ppm F) of sodium fluoride to wash it. If angry sweat stain remains, try to use 100% bleach to wash around 2 hours.

Curiously, after using a small brush washed, you can see the "dry look" is tidy than "wet look".

Finally, a simple way to wash off the black marks or moulds on clothes/towels is to use 100% bleaches poured it over the dirts around few hours. *To avoid color fading out, it is suitable for clothes/towels having the best color fastness OR IN WHITE COLOR.