Suicide track!!!


Jan 5, 2009
Spain from UK
Do you realise that almost everything we use on our largest organ (skin) is causing us illnesses like cancer???

Try to find any soap product that doesn't contain sodium laureate is carcinogenic.....use soap nuts, they last for ages and put no carcinogens in your fabrics or skin.

Find lotions that don't contain liquid paraffin....especially sun lotions!!!....make your own with natural oil, cologne and aloe vera.

Would you drink the water that you are showering in???? Out of date drugs are being dispersed into the water system. Then the warmth of the water is opening the pores and the harmful things are going into our blood streams!!....Get a shower filter!!!

Toothpaste has harmful elements.

Tooth whiteners are lethal!!!

Marmite and Ribena are full of toxic are most coloured drinks!!...make your own squash with citric acid, sugar and fruit juice.

Just a few warnings to think about!! woke up this morning!!!