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My wife and I are looking to eat healthier. I just caught the end of the food revolution summit last week but didn't catch any of the audio sessions and I'm also currently listening to the 2017 Hay House World Summit lessons. Heather Dane's nutrition lesson on bone broth was pretty good. We are just beginning to right our ship of health and know It's gotta start with what you put in your body, we just don't know where to start. We know there are a lot of books and resources out there, and they have all different points of view. We just want something that will be easy to follow and understand, but something that will change our heath and living. Does anybody have any good resources? PLEASE HELP!!!!
Thanks. Have a blessed day/night.

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I've never gone by any books or diets, no strict nutrition guidelines. Just common sense things like limiting carbs, sugars, processed foods, nitrates/nitrites, etc. Also buying organic when possible to limit toxins, insecticides, pesticides, etc.

I take a small glass of organic pure lemon juice mixed with 1/3 tsp. of baking soda each morning to help with keeping the body alkaline, as cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Along with a long list of supplements, I'm in my 60s and not on any prescription meds for anything like many in my family are. Trying to keep it that way.


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Thanks for the info. We don't take any meds either. We just want to get healthier. Lose weight, get more energy, less tiredness, go outside and do more things (hiking, biking, exercising, etc...) Get our bowels and gut better.


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I eat 80% raw organic fruit, raw wildflower honey, and raw organic whole cane sugar. I also eat raw pastured eggs. God made em. Believe in God and eat His Goodies. Watch rw food videos.


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Hi, For losing weight you need to have balanced diet and workout. I have heard many good reviews about diet guide that they are good for health and provide you the reason to be healthy.


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So much info on the internet. Google (I use is your friend.
MikeDenver said a lot. Google Vegan Diet; then 'John Rose youtube Juicing'
then colon cleanse; then Jack Lalanne!
3 months ago, I was always tired, needed a nap every day, especially after eating the SAD. Visited fast food places, Burger King, McD's, Taco Bell. Bleh.
Today, after eating clean, Vegan, and taking several supplements that we're all deficient in, I don't need a nap, have 100% more energy, no longer on BP meds and on my way to much better health. (in my 60's) After age 50, ninety some % of us are deficient in vitamin D3, C, E, magnesium, potassium, Omega 3's. (the Big 6 I call them)
Perhaps the first thing to do, is a colon cleanse (easiest way is to take a product that does a gentle colon cleanse), then a 1 to 3 day juice fast (to reset your eating habits)
Best, and let us know how it goes.

edit: just saw they haven't been back in months. Oh well. Maybe it'll help someone else.