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A very dear friend of mine struggling with RA has been on Enbrel for several years now. She was qualified for it early on.

I have had grave concerns about it for 2plus years now, most especially since a very,very beautiful,young friend of mine died of complications from an extremely simple surgery. (unknown tumors pressing against heart did not allow for heart to feed blood/oxygen to simple surgical site, and heart finally failed--this very young friend checked in for day surgery and after being taken back to surgery multiple times to find cause of sever problems, died 2days later--though no one ever breathed a word of possible connection, I very distinctly remember warnings of tumors and Enbrel in one of the many medical news letters I subscribe to and immediately felt the chance of this being a coincidence was slim).

Back to the friend who is currently using Enbrel...she is now not able to renew prescription for several wks because of bad blood work report. Though she is only in midlife, she fears that she will soon be in a wheelchair within those few wks. It is true that Enbrel has been a miracle in her life as she was just this side of a wheel chair when she started on it.

As with many of us who pursue better health w/o pharma drugs via nutrition,exercise and supps, and because of her great success/relief while on Enbrel, my concerns for the Enbrel and encouragement toward better nutrition have all but fallen on deaf ears.

When she called me today w/report of blood work and news of no more Enbrel until they are sure what they are dealing with (though they feel sure it is the Enbrel), I ask if she would consider using this time to AT LEAST 'buffer' the RA trying good nutrition.

I was able to get her on Dr Whitaker's multi a couple of years ago, but not much more.

She has agreed to eliminate white flour and sugars, and try juicing as much as possible, however, since I have not really done much research in this area, I am coming to those of you who have experienced success or can at least point me in some direction of some of the leaders of treatment of RA.

I do remember that during a meeting w/a well known nutritionist w/hopes of help for my husband, he casually mentioned 100% success with ALL arthritis via nutrition/supps.

This dr has no web site and has written no books. I do not think he accepts insurance (and I am not sure if the insurance would even pick up the costs, though they do pick up the exorbitant cost of Enbrel). He does not even live in our state.

Though I have a not so small library of books on health issues,at this point I do not even know some of the leading experts in this area in which to direct her. I want to use this opportunity to 'help' guide a very dear friend, and strike while the iron is HOT.

I know there will not be a quick fix, but if I could just help her find some difference in her overall health, my hope is that she would be encouraged not to go back to that much dreaded Enbrel, but continue trying to find better health through better diet and that much dreaded exercise.

So........if several of you could jump in here and guide me to some sources or personal experience, you could possibly be helping yet another person find her way to better health all around.

I would love for my dear friend to find better health and ease of pain in the new year.

As the norm for me, the hr is late, so please allow for all mistakes. :roll:


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Just a quick note, TSC. I ws doing some reading on Mercola's site and these two paragraphs were in an article about drug trials.


"The sad tragedy here is that this is just completely unnecessary. I have treated over 3,000 people with rheumatoid arthritis over the last 25 years with an 85 percent success rate using very basic applications from my Total Health Program. The specifics of my program are outlined in the notes from a presentation I gave in 1995 to a large alternative medical group.

"It has been my experience that nearly all rheumatoid arthritis patients are vitamin D deficient and have some previous emotional trigger that stimulates a dramatic decline in the functioning of their immune system. Typically, energy psychology techniques are helpful to restore the balance. Heavy metals like mercury and root canals are also frequent causal factors."

In the article "Total Health Program" had this as a link:

"notes from a presentation" had this for a link:

On his web site www.mercola.com if you go to the lefthand column at the bottom there is a link to a number of articles on RA that might give you some place to start.



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I remember reading somewhere before that a hard to detect microbe is actually behind most, if not all, RA cases. It's a Borrelia organism, but of a different species from that causing lyme disease. As such, part of the treatment of RA should include elimination of this organism, either with antimicrobials (of the tetracycline family, such as doxycycline) or nutrients/herbs that enhance the immune response, or both.



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CMO for RA as per Dr Donsbach. Get itat www.reachforlife.com in a product called inflameze. But she may need further kinds of treatment for advanced cases. If she can find her way to Donsbachs clinic in Mexico he cures many a case of advanced RA. show her this site. Arthritis is really one of his specialities and he was one of the first to proclaim a bacterial problem in this condition.




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Thanks Mari, Mercola is always a good starting point, and I have reminded my friend of his site...sending her several links. I have now sent her the specific one you gave.

I am afraid my friend might be a bit skeptic because of the reference to 'some previous emotional trigger that stimulates a dramatic decline in the functioning of their immune system. and... Heavy metals like mercury and root canals are also frequent causal factors." Neither of these would be an issue with my friend, but since she is in so much pain, perhaps she will be willing to give it a try.

She suffers as do so many hundreds of thousands, and I am quite sure that when one lives w/constant pain and there are drugs out there that bring relief, you tend to turn a deaf ear AND blind eye to 'the rest of the story' of those drugs.

As far as Mercola's total health program...I purchased his book yr or two ago. Though I admit that I could never exactly pin down which 'type' I am, thus calling myself MIXED,(family and friends call me..confused:( I never really could tell a health benefit (though I continue to stay close to his recommendations).

Gerry, your thoughts were completely new to me, so I intend to do some research and then pass it on to said friend. thanks

Arrowwind...Thanks for those links. I am tucking those away for myself if ever the need arises, and you can bet I'll be thumbing a ride if need be. I am not sure how my friend will accept this suggestion...converting most to better health is not always easy, especially when guarantees do not always come w/them... I know how much easier it is for some of us to just want to POP THOSE PILLS OF CHOICE. (on very rare occasion I bow the knee and take that dastardly sudafed for relief from these simple but debilitating allergies, in what we claim to be the allergy capital of the world. Not only does it usually have such ill affects on me that I vow to never take it again, but it always reminds me that staying true to not wanting to subject my body/liver to those drugs, especially for something so minor, proves to me how hard the choice might be when facing something much more serious. :x

At any rate...I hope to present these to her in the next few days.

Now...concerning the CMO (which I know nothing about) for RA as per Dr Donsbach, when I looked at the product offered (of which I know nothing), I was very,very surprised at so few ingredients. Am I just so brain washed into thinking that the more the better??? I know nothing of this product, so if you have anything else to add about it, I would be interested.

Did anyone happen to hear Dr Rosenthall (sp) concerning arthritis?? Among several other things, he mentioned that many claim benefits from drinking cherry juice (though as often is the case he did not go on to remind us NOT to use sweetened juice), and he also told of the many,many football players who use fish oil.

I have a couple of his books, but several things don't always ring true for me on my big ole learning curve of better health....though I reserve the right to change my mind.

I don't know why I have not remembered about the cherry juice...is there also something I am remembering about celery extract or something??? I certainly understand that all these are most probably for the lesser degree than my friends, but I am trying to think of several/many things she can be implementing.

Sorry to be so late thanking all for their input, but, again,...life....AND the new year. THANKS :wink:


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Cherry juice is specific for gout.

Here are a few more important links for her. Purchase CMO here. www.reachforlife.com in a product called Inflameze. I got so sick of telling people about this product and them not purchasing that I started to keep several bottles around and I give them away. Most often (but not always) people come back and pay me for it cause it works.

This is a compliation of other posts on the topic.


If your relative has had knee x-rays and there I absolutely no cartilage left between the bones the chances of these things helping is slim. But even if there is a little cartilage left it may be helpful.

Inflameze CMO capsules is the product you want to try. It is an anti-inflammatory, natural medicine that will help to take the inflammation out of the joints. One bottle is for one month. If there is not any improvement after 2 weeks double the dosage. You may need to purchase 2 or 3 bottles for severe cases.*****about $15 each.

Purchase it n the internet at www.reachforlife.com or

Phone in USA: 1-800- 421-7310
International phone: 001-918-437-7310

Glucosamine will help to rebuild cartilage between the joint bones. Start this after you have been taking Inflameze for one week. Do not walk much but rest for the first week of taking Inflameze. Do gentle range of motion exercises. Here is a good brand of glusosamine because it has MSM with it. When you start the glucosamine you need to start walking again. No more than one week off your feet.….. You will need to be on this product for a long time. You may need to repeat the CMO occasionally.

Doctors Best Brand – Synergistic Glusosamine MSM Formula.
180 capsules. You will need 4 caps 2 times a day for the first couple of months. So one bottle will last 25 days. Its $12 per bottle. All orders over $40 are shipped free of charge.
Purchase glucosamine at iherb company phone: 1-800-972-0028

If you can order over the internet order iherb.com

There is one more product that may be very helpful but it is expensive so I mention it last as the other products may do the trick alone. It is called hyaluronic acid and again, Doctors Best Hyaluronic Acid with Condrointin may be worth a try. I would double the dosage for the first few weeks. Order at iherb also.

There is another product called DMSO that is very helpful for pain and it is rubbed on the joints. It is a linament. You can get it at 1-800-367-6935


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THANKS DR ARROWWIND! Yes, though I am still on that big ole learning curve of better health (and most else), I do know that cherry juice is used for gout, but...Dr Rosenthal mentioned it in connection with the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

OMGosh.........you have given a 'wealth' of 'health' information...a cheat sheet if you will, and for that you can send me a big ole bill.

I am going to touch base w/my friend tomorrow, and see what she will be open to.
We have been friends for many,many (well...not tooooooo many as we are still young little ole ladies, but since the firth grade), so I will be glad to help defray the expence of anything she is willing to try.

I would love to think that possibly we could have a 'CONVERSION' here, though I know we are facing an up hill battle, and her arthritic state was so severe before the Enbril shots, she could hardly function. This from a person who was always on the move.

I am hoping she will allow me to pick up the phone and order most if not all the products you recommend.

I do not think, however, that her joints have been checked, at least not in a long while.

So be of good cheer, and be looking for a CHECK N THE MAIL. Well....be of good cheer, and be very sure that I am taking down everything you have offered as fast as I can, and if my friend is not open to all or any of the suggestions, you can bet that I will have the information in my hip pocket for someone who will accept it...even if that is only little ole me.

One big new year's THANKS. :D