Question:How to recommend treatments.


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Jan 3, 2012
I have recently seen a DVD championing the success of an age old herbal cure called "*****" (I hesitate to name it because I've been banned from one cancer forum and had my post deleted from another cancer forum for mentioning the name of this treatment)

As soon as I saw it on the DVD I was excited to spread the news but imagine my dismay when I had my news cancelled because I was accused of promoting a commercial product. The forum from which I was banned, stopped me from mentioning a herbal cancer treatment (there was no link or purchase address) on a section of the forum called "Alternative treatments for cancer" What is this section designed for if a person is not allowed to mention a treatment? Strange! This looked to me like Big Pharma in action.
This forum seems to be more open but I would like to know if I can name the ancient skin and breast cancer cure (on this forum) which is a combination of 4 herbs and some other substances used as carriers. Independent test gives very high success rates (some are 100%)
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Apr 5, 2009
Companies that produce DVDs to sell their products always boast of their successes to get potential customers excited to buy their product, that's their promotional strategy.

New forum members who are spamming for financial gain, often begin by promoting a specific product (or products) to the board members. So you can see why moderators delete or ban, in an effort to discourage spam. Unfortunately, abuse by spammers is an ongoing problem.

For now, instead of promoting this product by naming it on the forum, why don't you just mention the 4 herbs in the ingredients, and go from there. Many times these products are sold for company profit to customers at an inflated price, and you may be able to obtain the herbs on your own, and save some money.


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Oct 16, 2007
I too have been banned for similar concerns.. in one case it was for talking about lugols iodine even after I told them it was not a company or brand but a very particular form of iodine in a very specific forumulaitonthat a multitude of companies make and sell and can be found in a multitude of places.

You always have to consider the educational level of the moderator and their ulterior motives as well.. There are some vastly undeducated people running forums and their greatest downfall is that they are not receptive to learning.


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Jan 3, 2012
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Thanks Arrowwind09 and Kind2creatures. The situation I have here is innocent and a little different from the standard sales DVD that you mentioned kind2creatures. The DVD in question was :
1) Presented by people who run a health institute and who have no affiliation with anyone who make the herbal ointment. They will reccommend the ointment but derive no profit from it. It is a 2,000 yr old cure and cannot be patented.

2) The ingredients are a little difficult to find but the method of manufacture is easy and with a price of $25 for a small jar (lasts 10 yrs) most will go for that rather than try to source the herbs. For something that saves a life this is incredible value.

3)In Australia and the US this product has been made illegal to be sold for use on humans but is legal for use on pets (I think we all know why this loophole had to be created).

I think that I was banned for the same reasons that the herbal cure was banned; it threatens the cancer industry. Within a short few years oncologists and dermatologists would lose half of their bussiness and Big Pharma would lose billions in income.

I will follow this post with the ingredients and method on manufacture.
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Jan 3, 2012
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It is called "Black Salve" and has the following ingredients:
50 gm each of ground Bloodroot, Galangal, Graviola and Chapparrel
500 mls distilled water.
250gms Zinc Chloride.
25mls Glycerine
25mls DSMO (acts as a carrier)

This makes a lot of Salve so the amounts can be reduced proportionally.

Method:place in a pot on the stove, the distilled water and stir in the Zinc Chloride. Bring to the boil, stir vigorously ensuring that all the Zinc Chloride is dissolved. Add all of the 4 dried herbs stirring until all lumps dissappear and is of a smooth consistency.
Next, add 25 mls DSMO. This acts as a carrier and helps the formula to go deep into the tissues. Then add 25mls glycerine and stir in. This keeps the formula moist. (add more if needed to allow for differences in humidity). Allow to simmer for 15 mins. When the mixture cools and cures it should be a sticky paste. If after time it dries out a little, just add a little water and mix in. Keep the preparation in a jar in the fridge.(will keep for up to 10 years like this)

Application: Place the Black Salve over the affected area (held in place by a bandaid if it won't stay by itself) and leave on for 24 hrs. If there are cancer cells present the reaction should soon follow. A slight stinging sensation that is followed by a discharge, some pus and a scab formation that will lift off in time.

I cant say where this may be bought since I have only seen it in an organic vegetable shop near where I live. Hope this helps many people.