Please Help - Severe Back Pain


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Dear readers,

I am new to this forum so I apologize if this has already been discussed. Also, you should know that I am writing this not only as a loving husband but as someone who is very new to the holistic approach to healthy living.

My wife has been dealing with an ever-worsening, severe degree of back and neck pain for about a year now. We have been trying everything we can think of.

A little bit about her:
She is a very healthy individual and abides by strict health practices. She performs liver and gull bladder flushes and detoxes at least twice a year, eats regular portions of fruits and vegetables, stays away from bread and unhealthy grains and takes herbal supplements like they were going out of style (but not to an unhealthy degree, mind you). She has several nutrition certifications as well.

Upon her recent visit to the Chiropractor, she discovered that her Atlas bone in her spine is completely twisted. This, according to the Chiropractor, is what is causing her an immense amount of pain and discomfort which radiates from that particular bone all the way down her neck, into her shoulder blade region and into her side on her rib cage.

What she/we have tried thus far:
Arnica tablets
Aleve (in moderation and higher doses)
ibuprofen (in moderation and higher doses)
Devil's claw
Caster oil
Massage therapy
Tiger balm (red jar, extra strength)
And anything else I may have left out by accident

Despite having tried all (and probably more, that I just can't think of at the moment) of these options, she is still in extreme pain. Even to the point where she is losing sleep.

You should also know that she now has regularly-scheduled appointments to the aforementioned Chiropractor.

I understand that I may not be able adjust the problematic Atlas bone overnight, nor can the Chiropractor. I am simply trying to help my wife not be in as much pain as she is now. It has gotten to the point where she has broken down in tears strictly because the pain is so unbearable.

If there are any husbands or wives out there who can relate or even imagine what grief this is causing my wife and I, then I urge you to please respond with any helpful information, ideas or feedback that may remedy or at least "mask" her pain.

Thank you for your time, and like I mentioned above, your feedback and prayers are most appreciated.

God Bless,



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Welcome Mark, sorry to hear you wife is in so much pain...and very kind of you to search for a solution for her. I'm only familiar with neck and back pain due to muscle tension and inflammation. In those cases, massage with Magnesium Oil, MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) capsules, and Magnesium Citrate or Malate supplements may help. I would advise her not to take Ibuprofen, too many bad side effects. She might also try White Willow Bark, it's a natural form of aspirin, but must be taken regularly to feel results.

As far as over the counter rubs, I've had some relief in the past with Lasting Touch brand, I don't know if it's available where you live, but I bought it in a health food store. It is an analgesic gel with menthol, camphor, capsaicin, MSM, Chondroitin, Glucosamine and Arnica. If she has the time, Epsom salt baths can be very soothing also. Two pounds of salt per bath, and 40 minutes to soak. Sending warm thoughts your way.


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Dear kind2creatures,

Thank you for your courteous and most swift reply. I forwarded your response to my wife via email. I will touch base with her and let you know if and when any/all of your suggestions help.

Thank you once again and God Bless!



Welcome Markybarky,for a start if it was me I would not be having Chiro or massage on my back as that could be making it worse,if the Chiro was working it should be getting better not worse, Kind2creatures has given you some good tips as far as the pain goes.
I do not know where you live but If you have a qualified Bowen/ Bowtech Therapist in your area I would be trying one of them as the treatment is much more gentle than Chiro or massage,and much more effective for most conditions and most times only needs a couple of treatments to help with the problem,you can look up Bowen therapy on the Internet to find out what it is all about,I hope your wife soon finds relief from her pain.


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Dear ozzie,

Thank you so much as well for you suggestions and taking the time to respond. Upon further research of the Bowen Technique, I did discover a few possibilities near to us for therapists who have at least dabbled in this intriguing technique. I also took the time to watch some youtube videos on this and found it to be quite interesting. I have already contacted a therapist in a city near us but have not received a response, probably due to the weekend. I will try my best to keep everyone posted.

Thank you once again to all who have responded and read.

God Bless!



Mark I should have mentioned that it is best that your wife doesn't have any other form of treatment if she does try Bowen as that could interfere with the Bowen treatment, also it it could take a couple of days for the treatment to work.I had treatment for a painful arm and it took at least 3 days before it was back to normal.I have also had a full body treatment,and it is so gentle and relaxing,is also very good for just overall health maintainance.
Please be sure that the practitioner is fully qualified also.


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Has she tried inversion? I have an insertion table and it works great for both muscle or disk problems by stretching everything out. Look for a teeter brand on craigslist , that is what I have and it is the Cadillac of inversion tables. It did wonders for my back and after my 9 year old son was diagnosised with scoliosis we put him on it and completely fixed him up and he has fun using it

Hope this helps and good luck


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The cause of my back pain was a "slipped disc" which is actually a disc that protrudes from the spinal cord and presses against a nerve. The pain was so unbearable some days I could not walk or even sit up. I don't know if this could apply to your situation, but exercise helped me tremendously. I did back exercises with weights which developed my back muscles to the point where they provided a buffer area so that the disc could not quite reach the nerve. I even went on to do complete weight-training - but that is for a different post.


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PEMF pulsed electromagnetic frequency this type of machine that puts out a controlled electromagnetic pulse. When it passes through the body different things take place one is blood vessels dilated to increase circulation. Second it breaks up red blood cells that are clumped together this increases the ability to carry oxygen. Third it has been shown to shrink cancer tumours.
These units have been approved for pain and cancer treatment by the FDA.
I have made a crude unit myself that works fine. If anyone wants the schematics PM me and you can have them free.


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Hi Mark,

Could your wife's back and neck pain be the result of arthritis? If so, ascorbic acid has been shown to often halt and even reverse its severest symptoms. If you are interested in exploring this possible explanation/cause, I encourage you to read [at least the first ten paragraphs of] this article by Dr. Robert Cathcart, MD:

As Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, wrote in his book Primal Panacea, "There is no credible argument disputing that oxidative stress is the major culprit in the development of osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis....the relationship between vitamin C deficiency and arthritis is clear cut."

I wish you and your wife, Mark, godspeed in solving her pain issue!




Dear Mark I was wondering how your dear wife is going and if she has has found relief for her pain?


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I just want to check in and see if your wife was able to find a solution. Celery juice helped me with my back pain. It's not a complete remedy, but should alleviate some of her pain.