Plain Ole Jumping Jacks


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Just doing plain ole jumping jacks is a great exercise. It really gets your lymph system moving. Easy to do and you can do them just about anywhere; even in the winter when you don't feel like tramping around in snow, but can do them in the warmth of your house.

I found this out recently; took a long flight to Hong Kong and stayed in my seat for 12 hours straight on the 15 hr flight. After de-boarding and getting to our destination, at night, took my socks off and was horrified. My ankles were so, SO swollen. (My lymph system may need some work.) They stayed swollen for 10 days until we came back. On the flight back, they were still swollen, but I got up and walked around every couple of hours. We got back at night and the next morning, the swelling was gone!

After researching, I found out that it's not good to just sit in a chair without moving. Jumping Jacks get everything moving and keep the lymph system healthier. If you keep doing them, you'll get to where you can do 100. And it's okay to do sets of them. At any age!

Go ahead, just try doing THREE jumping jacks. Betcha can't. :cool: What'll happen is you'll find they're so fun, you'll do more. :wave:


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I can do them if I really want to, but I've stopped any exercising like running or jumping because it's too hard on the joints like knees and ankles. In my old age I'd rather give my joints TLC and gentle exercise or stretching instead of something that would abuse them.

I know someone who was very health conscious, ran 6 miles daily and participated in many marathons. He ate clean, no alcohol or smoking. Before he was 60 his feet were in such poor shape he was nearly crippled, needed numerous operations and was walking in slipper shoes.....very sad to see him go downhill like that. He was also slim and in shape, never overweight.....ate little, if any, meat during his lifetime.