Online Meditation Project


Sep 11, 2010
Blessings to you All.

A few weeks ago I started an online meditation group and have about 15 members - that I know of! I have a group on the dreaded Facebook - it has its uses; both for NSA and us! You don't have to join the Facebook group! If you'd like to join then please do, and if you'd like to post here that you've joined that would be appreciated. However you can remain anonymous too, so if you'd rather not say thats fine too!

The idea for the project came to me during meditation, and so I am slowly trying to attract more members. It won't take much time from your day, maybe 5 mins tops. On weekends we come together at 3pm and 9pm(in whatever time zone you are no need to convert anything!).

The aim is to do the following meditations twice daily, but one is acceptable. Then at the weekend we do the meditations at 3pm and 9pm.



The Daily Meditation's.

Love-Light-Healing and Empathy Meditation.

Love - Light - Healing and Empathy to:-
all sentient beings.
to the world's politicians, military and police.
also the CEO's of companies such as Monsanto, BP etc

NB. If you want to say the name of a particular politician thats fine. It will develop naturally as time goes by.

Love-Light-Healing-Blessing-Strength Meditation.

are sent to Mother Earth, the animal kingdoms(sea, land, sky)
also the Sun, Moon, Solar System, Universe and Galaxy and All That Is.

We do this on a daily basis from the comfort of wherever we are at a time convenient to ourselves. Then maybe once a week we come together at the same time - again from wherever we are! How much time you devote to the meditations is entirely up to the individual, and also how many times a day you do them is entirely up to the individual. Once is fine! However if you want to do more that is very much appreciated.