Magnesium for Migranes- What else should I be taking?


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Hi All! Hoping for a bit of feedback or advice as to what you all have used. I have been taking magnesium every day for chronic migraines from a bad concussion (yay, car accidents.) I've continually also have had odd brain 'episodes' where I lose some control/ability of my motor skills, cognitive function, speech, and my actions are delayed.

Has any one else had this post head injury? Severe migranes in general?

Aside from magnesium, is there any other supplements I could be taking that may help? :confused:


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Have you looked into CBD Hemp Oil? It's legal now in all 50 states. May I suggest you research it further on YouTube and if interested, you're welcome to PM me and I can point you to a quality source.


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You could do good with Grape Seed Extract, I've been taking it for over 24 yrs, no migraines here and no headaches period. It's primary job is circulation and cleaning the blood. There are TONS of info on this wonder food medicine ....

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There's a product on the market, a high quality butterbur extract called "petadolex" that I've recommended to quite a few clients over the years and it seems to work pretty reliably. It's seemed to be the most consistent I've encountered in terms of effect.


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I gave up on any "meds" after imitrex. No thanks doc.

I do a homeopathy roll on oil specifically for migraines that works very well! Along with a homeopathy for headaches.