How do I get rid of internal conflict?


Feb 11, 2010
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How do I do this? I mentioned this to my counselor today, and he said that maybe my inner conflict is "delusion vs. reality". I then agreed with him, as I have been quite delusional before. I have Paranoid Schizophrenia. My own definition of my disorder is that I am constantly on the metaphorical "fence". I have not made any real decisions in over eleven years. I am still living with my parents. I still have no job. I still do not support myself. I am not a contributing member of society. I have ridiculous internal conflicts. I say one thing, and then do not follow through with my goal, etc.

How do I rid myself of inner conflict?


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Dec 5, 2018
Since an internal conflict ordinarily results in horrendous feelings its critical that you figure out how to end it.

Here is the thing that you have to do to end internal conflict:

1) Don't push away irritating musings.

2) Don't damage your qualities.

3) Do what you should do.

4) Write the contention down.

5) Always be time cognizant.

Now and then you may need to take genuine activities so as to determine an internal conflict. On the off chance that for instance you prefer not to take orders, absolutely working for somebody will give you a chance to live with an inward clash in light of the fact that a piece of you would need the activity while another piece of you would need you to leave the place of employment.