Flasher or something else?


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May 23, 2006
Was reading a book and noticed what I first thought was a reflection from something and then noticed it appeared even when my eyes were closed and/or in a dark room. It appeared in the far left periphery. Was not like a sparkle or bright flash, but sort of like what you'd see on the wall when a door was opened and then closed with light shining on the wall in a rectangular shape for a second and then disappearing. This happened about every 5-10 seconds for a couple of hours and then quit.

I'm 50+ years old and nearsighted. Went to see my eye doc. He dilated the left eye and took a look. Apparently see anything unusual but said it could be a flasher from "posterior vitreous detachment." Said we'd check it again in a couple of months and to let him know if anything else happened, e.g. symptoms of retinal detachment/tear. (I've no history of this in the past.)

What I've read about a flasher from PVD seems different from what I experienced, but perhaps it just a matter of how to describe it.

Any ideas or similar experiences?




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Apr 4, 2006
Bill, I had a posterior vitreous detachment a couple of years ago. It was a very sudden event, with unmistakable symptoms - like looking through a bead curtain, wavy lines, dark bits, bright shiny bits. I went to the eye hospital emergency department, where they checked for possible haemorhage (There was none) then sent me on my way. I had many big floaters for a short time, then it all cleared up in what now seems like a couple of weeks. There is nothing now to tell me I had anything wrong with the eye.
I hope your problem turns out to be a simple one. Good luck.