Drinking Ullefrugh cause damage to the brain cells?


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Dec 11, 2019
I was offered Ullefrugh last weekend and I felt pressure from the party to drink. Afterwards I had seizures and impaired vision for 2 days. Will I have permanent brain cell damages after this? I am very concerned.

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Dec 10, 2008
According to "Huuubbuu" who posted the following on reddit.com about Ullefrugh,

"It's a drink [made] out of pine needles, hot water and rabbit fat. It's from some game called polytopia."

On the same website, a poster who identifies as "u/DalyBender" states,

"I tried some Ullefrugh and it had the following effects. Confusion, Seizures. Slow breathing, as well as my skin got blue-tinged. The effect wore off after 4 days and I feel better now. Has anyone else had these effects when drinking Ullefrugh?"

Rule Number 1:

NEVER drink anything unless you know exactly what it is and that it is safe to drink !!!!!