Dolphin Holocause Off the Coast of Peru


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Apr 5, 2009
Dolphin Holocaust Taking Place off the Coast of Peru

Photo NOAA’s National Ocean Service

A recent expedition by American marine environmental group BlueVoice has discovered that Peruvian fishermen are harpooning thousands of dolphins and clubbing them to death.

The dolphin meat was used for shark bait and for human consumption.
The BlueVoice group, together with Peruvian company Mundo Azul, returned from their expedition with videos documenting the slaughter of these beautiful creatures, known for their fun-loving nature in the wild.

Stefan Austermuhle, President of Mundo Azul, boarded one of the Peruvian fishing boats. He stated:
“We videotaped from the boat and in the water and what we saw was unimaginably horrific. I just went numb looking at the pitiful dolphin being battered with a club. All I could do was continue recording the event in the hope that making the world aware of this tragedy can somehow bring an end to it.”

Mr. Austermuhle estimated that up to fifteen thousand dolphins have been killed by the fishermen.

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Jul 24, 2010
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I heard about this. How terribly sad.

Various dolphin stories on 'Animal Tales' showing what intelligent, friendly and sociable creatures they are.

So many times I find myself ashamed of the human species.