Cleansing Reaction with Coconut Oil

I’m hoping to get some insight / opinions on what maybe going on for me.

In the last year, my overall health has dipped somewhat, not so much energy, a few joint issues and just generally not feeling my usual self. I decided to see a Kinesiology and he muscle tested me and said that I had Penecillium, which is a mold - and I know from reading up on it that this in turn can lead to mycotoxins. With muscle testing he determined that many of my current issues were down to this mold. The remedy was coconut oil and again, reading up on this, it is a powerful anti-fungal. He said that I needed to take three level teaspoons a day at certain times of the day as the timings were the most beneficial for the organs that have been affected.

I love coconut oil and do use it for cooking, so I had some raw organic coconut oil just ordered in. On taking the first teaspoon in the afternoon, it made me feel a little nauseous but it passed after a few hours. The morning dose was no problem and the evening dose was no problem. However, I woke up this morning after having had the first day of the three doses and I feel awful; light-headed, my physical and emotional energy dull. I haven’t changed anything except taking this coconut oil.

I have read about something called ‘die off’ which is a reaction to a bacterial cleanse.

Has anyone had a similar experience using coconut oil as a remedy?

Thank you

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It sounds like you may be experiencing a Herxheimer reaction, which is not uncommon when taking even slightly larger than normal amounts of coconut oil, colloidal silver, or olive leaf extract among other natural antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral supplements to clear up an infection. Regarding coconut oil in that respect, you can read about it here, including how to remedy the situation and still experience the positive benefits of the coconut oil:

I suggest you also read the following which is an excellent and well written article about the Herxheimer reaction from the use of colloidal silver as mentioned above:


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I had the same reaction when I first started taking Chlorella, took a full teaspoon of the powder and it made me ill and nauseous. Still using it daily, only in lesser doses. Still take the coconut oil too, but never had that reaction from it.