can there ever be a clinical trial for cheap cancer cure


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Jan 3, 2012
Ever wonder why all the cancer cures are very expensive.... not one is inexpensive?
Here is the conundrum: People say " I'd like to see such & such cancer cure proved by a clinical trial". Well, the cheaper and more accessable it is, the less chance that it will ever be proven to work. Clinical trials cost a huge amount of money. Who is going to fund such trials when they are unlikely to even get their investment back, let alone any profit? If the cure is freely available and cheap to purchase and can't be patented there is no avenue for a return on the money invested in the trials.
So there you have it. If one of the above mentioned cures, say for aguments sake, baking soda, works on a specific type of cancer 100% effective, we will only ever see it as an alternative cure given the name of snake oil or quackery by the conventional medical bodies. This will deny the bulk of humanity from any thing that is cheap and WORKS!
If you are sick from Chemo and radiation and also broke from these treatments with a low rate of survival, remember that this is the way our commercial society wants it.
If I was faced with a low survival rate(some are as low as 2%) I would take the chance and research the best alternative treatment.

P.S By the way I was banned from a Cancer forum for merely mentioning stuff called "Black Salve" as a skin and breast cancer treatment. This is a much more open minded forum!

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Oct 16, 2007
of course we are and thats why we are thriving here. People want the whole truth not just slanted propaganda

Gerson therapy has been used in Hospitals in Japan for they found that it works.. do a search here on Gerson and find out about it and watch the movies