Building Bones


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Just wanted to share the new calcium supplement I've been using. Well, new to me at least.

LifeExtensions BONE RESTORE

it has.

Vit D 1,000 IU
3 kinds of calcium
Silica from horsetail herb

I take this in the AM and then take strontium citrate 340mg in the evening to build stronger bones. Studies indicate its more than twice as good as developing bone than Bovina and of course no side effects.



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You may need to be just a little bit careful with strontium. I've been using it for about 2 years. This summer I did a hair analysis and found that my strontium levels were quite a bit over the maximum levels. Reference range: 0.01-4.40 My levels were 8.46 Too much strontium has an adverse effect on your bones similar to that of too much floride.

At the time I started using it, the recommended dose was two capsule--680 mg a day. I have discontinued it for now and will get retested again in a few months.