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Blood pressure high now on store machines


Jan 23, 2013
United States
My blood pressure has usually been ok in the 120s. I've been using bicarb for heartburn for the last year and now I just checked my pressure on two store machines and one free check by a pharmacist with a cuff. All readings were high and the lowest was 160.

I never had pressure problems in my life and I wanted to know if it could be the baking soda? I hope not because for me it works and its natural compared to those pills and tums

Beach Man

Dec 10, 2008
The increase in your blood pressure may very well be due to your regular consumption of baking soda which adds a significant amount of sodium to your diet and upsets the sodium/potassium balance in your body. Read about that here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/305105-baking-soda-blood pressure/

and here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/429361-why-does-sodium-increase-blood pressure/

Also, for some helpful information on the subject, read what the Harvard School of Public Health has to say in their article entitled, Shifting the Balance of Sodium and Potassium in Your Diet.