1. J

    Douching after oral sex - good or bad?

    Sorry you think this is a joke! I thought I was dealing with adults here on a serious subject and that we could all perhaps learn some useful info, but instead I get a juvenile smart remark. What good does a "bitching" attitude do anyone, including yourself saved1986? Never mind, I'll research...
  2. V

    PLEASE HELP with vaginal cut!!

    Hello all. I have been reading a bunch of things on here that are similar to my situation but not quite like it. I don't know what to do. I really need advice, because I feel like this is ruining my life!!! Okay, well about a month ago I started experiencing pain when having sex. It went on...
  3. kind2creatures

    Alternative Answers for Yeast Syndrome (Candidiasis)

    Alternative Answers for Yeast Syndrome Two of the most common of these single celled fungus is oral thrush and in the vagina (vaginitis or yeast infection). Sometimes though, this fungus is difficult to pin point. It can manifest itself as other ailments such as acne, asthma, arthritis, chronic...
  4. M

    ~~~ Something unkown in my bladder & urethra ~~~

    Hello in the last Jun 2009 I got a UTI, then I took around 6 courses of intibiotics, My urine cultures came Negative but symptoms still there My symptoms 1- Burning during urination 2- Frequency ( 7- 11 times ) per day ( not at night ) 3-Urgency 4- my bladder can not hold more than 100...
  5. S

    yeast infection

    any suggestions on what to do for a yeast infection besides OTC creams and suppositories?