1. P

    Optimal urethra health

    It is hard to find any information on herbs tonics or food that help promote a healthy urethra, if you know anything let me know. What I know, Cranberry juice (prevents infection) Grapeseed extract (can reduce urethra scarring) can you guys help me make a list?
  2. lovelife

    My prostatitis story

    Hi folks You seem a nice bunch on here so I wanted share my story.I hope you might be able to advice me or maybe not. I started with this in 1996,I got chlamydia and then got it again then two months after I got an other sexual infection wich was not cultured properly not given the right drugs...
  3. H


    hello everybody, i am dealing with prostatitis. it feels like an infection but there hasnt been one found. i am dealing with antibiotics again but they are losing effect which must have only been on an anti inflamatory basis. i am picking up from my natropath a herbal tonic to promote...
  4. M

    ~~~ Something unkown in my bladder & urethra ~~~

    Hello in the last Jun 2009 I got a UTI, then I took around 6 courses of intibiotics, My urine cultures came Negative but symptoms still there My symptoms 1- Burning during urination 2- Frequency ( 7- 11 times ) per day ( not at night ) 3-Urgency 4- my bladder can not hold more than 100...