1. Best Side

    treatment for dandruff

    if your are suffering from dandruff i think this might help you
  2. F

    Treating a Kidney Infection

    I have a friend who has been a heavy drinker and drug abuser for 20+ years. He has been off all drugs and alcohol excluding cigarettes and tobacco for seven weeks now. Tuesday night, he told us that he was hurting badly and when we looked into it, we are thinking that it is a kidney infection...
  3. M

    Fungus in groin area and on scrotum:

    I have had issues in my groin area for a long time, but lately it has become worse spreading to the scrotum and the skin going signal red and painful. Cannot sit and it is painful to walk. I have tried Aloe Vera with tea tree oil for 3 days. It seems to cool it down and it has become less red...
  4. kind2creatures

    Teen Awarded Custody of State Despite Parent's and Public Objection

    The parents of this girl have lost their right to choice of her medical treatment, and the teen has now been awarded permanent custody of the state of Massachusetts. Disturbing, to say the least, that something like this can happen in the United States of America. What do you think?
  5. kind2creatures

    US Drinking Water Supply - Health Concerns and Threats

    There are many concerns in the United States regarding the quality of our drinking water, and the effectiveness of our water filtration systems. There are toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, waste products, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. placed into our water...and we rely on the treatment centers to...
  6. M

    Home water treatment dilemma

    Does anyone know the best way to filter your home water at point of entry? A salesman convinced me to get our water softener back up running and to add an activated carbon filter to that system. It'll only cost $850 for everything. The system will have 3 tanks. I'm hesitant because I don't...
  7. L

    Biography Says Steve Jobs Tried Exotic Treatments For Cancer " We don't know all the details of what he tried, but I remember hearing someone say, fruit juice cleanses, vegetable juice nurishes. They don't mention vegetable juice. This seems to be a shot at alternative medicine. Personally, I believe that most cancer...
  8. M

    Frankincense can 'Ease Arthritis'

    An interesting article below on how Frankincense can ease arthritis pain. I know it works form experience! Pure Frankincense Essential Oil cured knee pain that I've suffered for 20 years. The interesting thing from the article below is that scientists are taking certain compounds from the...
  9. kind2creatures

    Natural Option for Flea Treatment

    Heard this advertised, and thought it was a possible alternative for those who have flea problems with their pets.
  10. D

    Going abroad for dental treatment??

    Recently, while searching on the Internet I noticed there are lots of companies that offer dental services at really acceptable prices. The only thing is that the companies are abroad. Would you trust to go abroad for dental treatment?