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    Village Foods - Pittu Made In A Coconut Shell Gives Amazing Taste - Sri Lankan Village Girl

    Pittu is one of the main meal recipe in Sri Lanka. Most of the time pittu is breakfast meal. But you can make this amazing food for dinner too. Pittu can made with steamer. Here I use coconut shell to cook this village food. This recipe is made for healthy meal. Cook this amazing village food...
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    Traditional Chinese Medicine and Trauma Remedies

    Traditional Chinese Medicine trauma treatment suggestions, for consideration...
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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    A bit of info about TCM in the following article. I remember seeing Andrew Zimmern (of the cable show Bizarre Foods), receiving a 'cupping' treatment (TCM) for an ailment. They placed heated glass cups in specific areas of his back, that were heated with flame to created a special suction. It...