1. truestorytotell

    Testicular Cancer

    Hello everyone... What could a small spot on a testicle mean? Not on the foreskin, not on the scrotum, not on the shaft... Right on the testicle... A small spot, not painful, easily felt by putting a finger on it... Do tell me, could this be testicular cancer? No-sugar coating please, we are...
  2. lovelife

    My prostatitis story

    Hi folks You seem a nice bunch on here so I wanted share my story.I hope you might be able to advice me or maybe not. I started with this in 1996,I got chlamydia and then got it again then two months after I got an other sexual infection wich was not cultured properly not given the right drugs...
  3. S

    irritated urethral opening (meatus)

    So the end of my urethra/meatus/opening has been irritated on and off for over a year now.. its not very bad.. it seemed to start around the time my prostate issues started .. however, im not convinced its an infection or anything like that. A few times around taht time, my urethra got stuck...
  4. H


    hello everybody, i am dealing with prostatitis. it feels like an infection but there hasnt been one found. i am dealing with antibiotics again but they are losing effect which must have only been on an anti inflamatory basis. i am picking up from my natropath a herbal tonic to promote...