1. kind2creatures

    Sugar - Public Enemy #1

    There are a lot of negatives to sugar. Eating a lot of sugar seems to have a negative impact on brain structure and function. Research published in the journal Neurology in 2013 found that higher glucose levels were linked with poor memory...
  2. kind2creatures

    How To Use Raw Honey in Place of Sugar in Recipes

    Here are some tips on using raw honey in place of sugar in recipes. Also a recipe that looks yummy! ;)
  3. B

    How Healthy is your Smoothie?

    Hello everyone! I am discussing the topic of what a healthy and natural smoothie is. How the typical smoothie shops are not as healthy as they appear and why you should stick to making your own. The blog entry is on my blog here...
  4. kind2creatures

    Nutrition for Diabetes

    To avoid Diabetes, I've been trying to exercise more and eat less sweets, etc. I also take Chromium Picolinate daily, and Bitter Melon a couple of times a week. I try to add Cinnamon to my herbal tea also. Here's some nutritional advice for those either with or trying to prevent diabetes.
  5. C

    Coffee is my biggest source of....

    SUGAR :shock: And I mean a lot of it. I really want to cut sugar out of my diet altogether because I know that is one of the reasons why I feel the way I do, day in and day out, but when I have my 3 cups of coffee, I load it with sugar. It's a vicious cycle for sure. Ingest coffee to wake up...
  6. kind2creatures

    Fructose and Alcohol

    Some of the similarities of fructose and alcohol regarding health...
  7. Ted_Hutchinson

    High-Fructose Diet Sabotages Learning, Memory

    Metabolic syndrome' in the brain: deficiency in omega-3 fatty acid exacerbates dysfunctions in insulin receptor signalling and cognition Free full text interesting paper. It's worth making the effort to understand what they were actually doing. Here is an article on the same paper. This Is...
  8. truestorytotell


    ok up untill a year ago i used to practically live off sugar, i still love sweets and anything i drink has to be sweet... Now for the last year ive cut down on everything sugar-related in a way id never thought possible for me... Now i use honey but honey can be inconvenient and sticky, plus...
  9. kind2creatures

    Vitamin C and Diabetes

    Good article on the benefits of Vitamin C in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes...
  10. L

    Fruit Nectar

    I have been blending fruits and fruit nectars and having a fruit drink in the morning until I decided to read the label. They add sugar and or fructose in the nectar to make it a less healthy drink. Why would anyone do that? What can I use to blend my fruits and juices in the morning? I don't...
  11. kind2creatures

    Infant Formulas Loaded with Corn syrup and Sugar

    Information about some unhealthy ingredients in store bought infant formulas...
  12. Ted_Hutchinson

    Artist’s Cereal-Box Stunt Makes a Real Point About Sugary Cereals

    Artist’s Cereal-Box Stunt Makes a Real Point About Sugary Cereals
  13. G

    Wish there was more research

    A few weeks ago our daughters test showed esophagus had healed from the surgery cut but there was still a fiscula and still cancer. A few days ago, she said she wanted to go have another test as now she can swallow the large supplement pills without trouble and the coughing stopped from the...
  14. Ted_Hutchinson

    Congratulations, You’re Prediabetic: Jeff O’Connell’s Wakeup Call

    Congratulations, You’re Prediabetic: Jeff O’Connell’s Wakeup Call J Stanton Reviews Sugar Nation Follow the link above for full article.
  15. truestorytotell

    Sugar - Sweeteners

    Ok so there is table sugar(the chemical),there is sugar in fruits,in honey,then we have sugar in vitamins,cereal,Everything...(Except vegetables i guess,i also guess some veggies too have sugar) all the sweeteners and many foods are/have the elements which make sugar...fructose and glucose so...
  16. Ted_Hutchinson

    Choose Real Food

    Adam Fields (weblog)
  17. kind2creatures

    Erythritol Sweetener (opinions?)

    My sister is going to be visiting and she's a type2 diabetic. I bought some Zevia brand natural soda to try out the taste, which is sweetened with Stevia. Another ingredient on the label is Erythritol, which is supposed to be a natural sugar alcohol. I'm surprised they added anything besides the...
  18. K

    A spoonful of sugar...

    Cola Wars! The number of teaspoons of sugar in Pepsi Cola (500 ml) = 13.1 The number of teaspoons of sugar in Coca Cola (500 ml) = 12.6 People who have just one or two sugary drinks a day are 26% more likely to develop diabetes or metabolic syndrome (a precursor to diabetes).
  19. kind2creatures

    Sugar and Inflammation

    Sugar and Inflammation One of the reasons inflammation occurs is from a rapid rise in blood sugar, which causes biochemical changes in the cell. Staying away from sugar and high-glycemic (simple) carbohydrates, which the body rapidly converts to sugar, is one of the best ways to decrease...
  20. E

    Question about new Bayer Contour Meter?

    For years I'd used the Bayer Glucometer Elite Meter to test my blood sugar. Recently they have stopped making the test strips for it. Bummer :( I received my new Bayer Contour meter this past week; When testing with it the number comes up anywhere from 15 to 20 points less than the old...