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    What is Lymphoma ? A quick guide!

    Lymphoma Lymphoma is a category of the cancer, which starts in an infection killing cells which comes under our immune system which is called as “lymphocytes”. These cells are found in the various parts of our body which is: Lymph nodes Spleen Thymus Bone marrow and Other parts of the body...
  2. kind2creatures

    Fish Oil Benefits for Women

    Fish oil (DHA) can benefit women before and after pregnancy, help protect against skin cancer, and help with conditions such as PCOS...
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    The Cancer Cure of Cansema

    This is the website of Canton, who has paid with is freedom and livelyhood. He has had to move his business to Ecquador to maintain his work but even then the FDA kidnapped him from an Ecquadorian airport against Ecqadorian law. I support his company by encouraging people to purchase his...
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    Astaxanthin - Natural Sunscreen

    :sunshine: Astaxanthin is a member of the carotenoid family, which is a group of plant chemicals that are used by many species of flora to ward off damaging effects of the sun. A natural sunscreen, astaxanthin has been protecting plants for thousands of years. Astaxanthin is also present in the...
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    Sunlight Can Prevent Skin Cancer

    Scientists reverse stance on sun and cancer: Now they admit sunlight can prevent skin cancer by Tara Green (NaturalNews) Since the 1980s, physicians and cancer groups have regularly warned the public against the potential health dangers of direct sunlight on skin. As a result, many people...
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    Skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma

    Someone I know got the nodular type of this skin cancer and is getting it removed tomorrow. This type of cancer is not life threatening and it usually does not keep spreading, so hopefully everything goes well. But I did find this article about some Canadian who keep getting recurrences, but...
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    Milkweed Sap Cures Common Skin Cancers

    Milkweed sap cures common skin cancers by S. L. Baker, features writer (NaturalNews) If you talk about herbs, plants and other totally natural substances having the potential to actually cure cancer, odds are you'll be greeted with eye-rolling and disbelief -- especially from the mainstream...
  8. Arrowwind09

    Pretty Spurge for Skin Cancer - A Topical Cure

    Petty Spurge - Clinical Trials are in progress on the use of this plant - lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, leukemia and cervical cancer.
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    Milkweed for Skin Cancer

    Here's the link:
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    Skin Cancer Cure

    I got an email from Dr Wrights newletter today. In it he talkes about a cure for skin cancer, basal cell, (not melanoma) made from an eggplant extract. When I searched for it I found a number of sited documenting its use and selling the product. This may be a good alternative to the black...