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    Yellow Dock Root Herbal Oil for Itchy Skin

    Hello Everyone, I am new here so excuse any issues with my post. Just let me know so I can fix it. How can I make an Herbal Oil with Yellow Dock Root? I have a book (the herbal apothecary by JJ Pursell) which tells me to add Yellow dock root to oil in a 1 to 10 ratio. However it doesn't tell...
  2. C

    Lucuma root powder

    Hi everyone, I just picked up some Lucuma root powder by Navitas Naturals. Looking for opinions on the product as well as any health benefits, side effects and recipes. So far I've just mixed it in with my smoothies, it gives my smoothie a thick texture and adds a little flavor. Thanks peeps!
  3. B

    whats a good LICORICE ROOT supplement ?

    I have to be careful with sweetness, so it can't be too sweet. Is the DGL useful? Someone said that Stash tea is a good brand but from the comments I see on it looks to be on the sweet side. Licorice root, so I am told , helps with fatigue and liver.
  4. K

    Root Canal Dental Treatment - A Cause For Concern???

    This popped up on Mercola the other day. I don't know if the facts stack up as claimed, but it is a candidate for health article of the decade if they do! Root Canals - Harmless or Lethal. Form your own judgements...
  5. kind2creatures

    Save Money with a Root Cellar

    A short article about root cellars... READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:
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    Root Vegetables Packed With Nutrients and Fiber

    Affordable, readily available and packed with nutrients and fiber, root vegetables are enjoying a renaissance among health-conscious consumers in a down economy. By Patrick Dougherty (EnergyTimes) October 2009 We humans have always been good at figuring out how to stay alive when...
  7. kind2creatures

    Pleurisy Root

    We've had good results with Nature's Answer brand Pleurisy Root, the liquid tincture for lung congestion. It takes a day or so before results are noticed.