1. T

    Having trouble holding enemas in for liver cleanse effect

    I have been trying to do coffee enemas lately according to the Gerson method since they allege it helps deal with the tiredness, toxicity and headaches that chemotherapy victims and cancer patients suffer from. So far I tried have four coffee enemas, two went off without a hitch and I was able...
  2. R

    Pruritus Ani…Stop Anal Itching?

    So this is very unpleasant, but I have pruritus ani which is basically a very itchy anus. There doesn't seem to be a concise list of treatment options, there's everything from cleaning the area with a bidet to prescription pills to wiping with banana peels, so I'm looking for a true remedy to...
  3. J

    Help very sore throbbing anus and mucus in stool and hemorrhoids

    Sorry to be so graphic but I really need some help. Just over a week a go I was convinced to receive anal sex. It was uncomfortable at first and my partner went slow at first and eased me in to it. When he started penetrating I asked him to put a condom on. We were using lots of lube, but not...
  4. lovelife

    My prostatitis story

    Hi folks You seem a nice bunch on here so I wanted share my story.I hope you might be able to advice me or maybe not. I started with this in 1996,I got chlamydia and then got it again then two months after I got an other sexual infection wich was not cultured properly not given the right drugs...