1. B

    Psoriasis treatment?

    Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition which causes the skin to grow much faster than normal. Normally the skin cells are all gradually replaced after 30 days, but with psoriasis the skin grows so fast the cells slough off every day or two, resulting in flaky dandruff and often plaque-like...
  2. G

    readily available substitute for starch?

    hi, I was preparing my favourite food which moderate amount of cornstarch in the past but I needed to limit it or replace with something with non-startch. The reason is I got some psoriasis issue and potential candida infection. The starch is one of the main food for candida. I am wondering what...
  3. L

    Any remedies for psoriasis?

    I had a very bad scalp psoriasis outbreak. I try to keep it in control but it can be so difficult because my scalp can get so dry. Any suggestions?
  4. Lodestar

    Irritating and persistant rash on my finger.

    Over summer I had some skin peel off due to being dry on the inside of my middle finger. I thought nothing of it. But it developed into something of a heat/sweat rash. Unfortunately it has been quite some weeks and it rather seems to be both peeling and slowly spreading with itchy lumps. It...
  5. kind2creatures

    Alternative Answers for Psoriatic Arthritis

    Long, but informative article about Psoriatic Arthritis:
  6. Harry Hirsute

    Green Tea May Combat Psoriasis

    Green Tea May Help With Inflammatory Skin Disorders